2nd fissurectomy, Botox and skin tag removal

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2nd fissurectomy, Botox and skin tag removal

Postby Minniemouse » 23 Mar 2016, 11:07

So, I had the above done yesterday. I woke up from my anaesthetic in a bit of pain (3-4/10), and was told the Dr had already been round to speak to me about the op and post op care - I have absolutely no recollection of this as I was obviously still half asleep from my GA! Helpful!!

Today I have woken up in a considerable about of pain, say a 6/10. I am keeping hydrated and taking regular pain relief. I felt the need to have a BM (argh!) so i took myself off to the toilet, only to find some sort of dressing wedged inside that I had no idea was there!? I managed to tease it out, with a lot of discomfort and have a BM (painful but no more pain than I have been in today anyway).

I am slightly concerned that I shouldn't have manoeuvrered this dressing out but also know I wouldn't have been able to pass it without a considerable amount of straining which obviously isn't a good idea.

Has anyone got any tips for recovery following this op? I didn't have any pain last time and was totally numb for around 48-72 hours last time too so feeling a bit lost!

Thanks guys
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Re: 2nd fissurectomy, Botox and skin tag removal

Postby Savaici » 23 Mar 2016, 13:29

Don't worry about the dressing. This is quite commonly placed after surgery for a fissure.

Skin tag removal can be quite painful (usually a stitch or two).

Check out the posts under AF Success Stories and also use this link where you can search the group by topic, etc. Good luck with your healing :smilyhug:

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