36 year-old male looking for advice

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36 year-old male looking for advice

Postby Rcece » 24 Jun 2016, 10:19

A case of food poisoning 6 months ago put me through a whirlwind of gastro issues. Experimenting with some supplements and antibiotics gave me a severe bout of diarrhea which went on for a couple weeks. After ruling out more serious issues I developed an anal fissure. Its been lingering on and off for about a month now.

My Dr prescribed me Nitroglycerin cream and I use it once early in morning and once at night. I also was prescribed 2% hydro cream suppositories. Ive been taking 1 Ducolax pill every night and about 300-400mg of Magnesium daily.

Here is my issue. I generally have 3 bowel movements every morning. I have one as soon as I wake around 4am and then usually again after 30-45 minutes. I then go to the gym and workout for about 60-75 minutes. I do a little bit of weight-training and some cardio. I will then come home and have my 3rd BM. I will shower, sit in a warm bath for about 10 minutes, and then apply the necessary creams. The pain develops after the 3rd BM and it continues for a couple hrs afterwards. Like a dull/throbbing pain then slowly decreases as the day goes on.

Is there something I can do to alleviate the pain right after my bowel movement? Should I be inserting something in there to make the BM more tolerable. Some days are better then others but this damn this has been lingering for a while now. Thanks for any advice......
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Re: 36 year-old male looking for advice

Postby Mypoorbutt » 24 Jun 2016, 16:22

Hi Rcece,
I guess you could try putting some barrier cream on before you go, I use castor oil but anything like Vaseline or nappy cream would do the same thing.
One thought, if you are going 3 times do you need the ducolax every night how about every other night or when you feel a bit constipated...what happens if you don't take it. You could always eat more bowel friendly food perhaps
I know my worst pain happens if I go more than twice...I get pain after every BM but if I hit the three or four mark then nothing stops it.
I hope this get better for you as fissures are horrid
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