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Postby Dnank » 01 Aug 2018, 23:35

I have taken fiber in various forms and don't like the affect it has on my BMs. I also seem very sensitive to it. A little makes a big change. I only take the occasional gummy fiber when I have a lumpy BM. It seems like I get enough fiber in my normal diet without adding supplements.

I do like magnesium citrate. When I am constipated I take one 400mg pill per day. I have also taken double that when I am really having difficulty going. I don't have any negative side affects from that amount. I also recently learned that it is available in liquid form because I had to drink a 10oz bottle of it to prep for the flexible sigmoidoscopy. It wasn't bad but the enema's after drinking it were very bad. My fissure had started getting much better by that point but it was still painful.

One thing that I took recently that I didn't mention is peppermint oil pills (pepogest). I was having a lot of cramps and pain in the stomach and lower GI area and it had been going on for many weeks. That often comes with my fissures. I only took it for about three days but during that time I started feeling much better. These pills are coated s they make it through the stomach and release in the intestines and colon. I can't say for sure it was that but I didn't really change anything else. I will try it again if I have those problems.
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