AM I HEALED really ??? Need advice !

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Re: AM I HEALED really ??? Need advice !

Postby marg6043 » 18 Feb 2013, 21:18

AF Angel, do not lose faith on healing on your own yet, in my experience with my fissure I was just like you, after 4 months and ups and downs, to now 8 months later with the last two spams free and painless BMs I almost forgot today that I had a "fissure" problem thats how well I am doing.
But the road was not easy, you have to stick with the routine that was working for you.
Yes I can not get tired expressing that soft stools, lubrication before and after a BM is critical, keeping the area clean even inside after BM, gently wiping with vaseline to avoid later on irritation. I no longer using the nitro cream I stopped back on month 4, persevering and the feeling that I can beat this is what is getting me to what I am now.
But like everything if my fissure re open to the point of day 1, I will have no problem with surgery and will do it right away.
Is a hard decision to make but you still have time, after the successl sucess you had so far.
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Re: AM I HEALED really ??? Need advice !

Postby sufferer » 19 Feb 2013, 05:09

Dear AF Angel, You gave me and many others so much hope and help. Let us imagine that we are in this together and not alone. In due course, we will also be on the other side, as Dwarf and Marg6043 are after trying so many things to heal themselves. You have inspired so much with the details and kind words. Please keep doing what seems to be working for you and I'm sure you will REALLY heal for good.
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Postby Bajan » 19 Feb 2013, 13:54

Hi ...
I read through your posting and for what it is worth, here is my scenario (in brief...).
AF for about a year, trying to control it and my life. Wasn't working.
Finally went to a specialized clinic for anal issues...
Did the creams...didn't help.
Went in for a LIS, but wasn't effective.
Tried Botox. $450. or so later...didn't work.
Was referred to a hospital from the clinic...underwent a second LIS...and although it has been a long recovery, I think I am getting back to normal.
(had the surgery in late November 2012)
I eat what I want. No restrictions whatsoever.
My only care really, is my daily dose of metamucil and a good amount of water.
I would suggest to you and anyone else that is suffering the way I was (it basically took over and ruined that time of my life...) to get hold of a good CRS and get the deed done.
Good luck to you in the future...if you are in the Toronto area in Ontario, I would certainly recommend the CRS that I went to...
All the best,
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Re: AM I HEALED really ??? Need advice !

Postby Hope21 » 28 Dec 2018, 18:05

Hi AF Angel,

My situation is exactly the same as yours. I know this post is from many years ago but I'm wondering if you went through with your surgery and pregnancy fine?
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