Anal Fissure & hemorrhoids

Ps help on healing symptoms

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Anal Fissure & hemorrhoids

Postby Spacejunkfood » 03 Jan 2016, 08:10

Hello every one

10 Days ago while routine BM i spotted blood on my anus ( exterior part ) , it was lot that made me worried , i saw my doctor after two days after pain started to increase, he diagnosed Anal Fissure & hemorrhoids & prescribed xylocain 2% Daflon 500 MG with antibiotics & Movicol sachets. After few days pain didn't subside. While going thru one of the portals on this subject i found coconut oil therapy recommended by some users, i started applying hair coconut oil ( Last last two days ) and it really gave comfort from continuous pain , also the blood is almost negligible and hardly visible , but pain keep coming back specially during BM.

I have stopped taking antibiotics as it didn't help and only apply xylocaine before BM to numb the area temporarily . I am only taking 21 days course of Daflon 500 MG , Movicol 1 sachets after dinner and coconut oil 4-5 times daily .

Is that enough as pain has slightly gone down but not much of a relief ( During BM) . Its been 10 days and hair coconut oil seems to be working , My question is
A- Does any one know healing symptoms
B-Is home remedy like coconut oil a temporary measure
C-Should i see my doc as healing looks slow ( Though i had partied on new years ever till 3 AM ( That may have disturbed digestive cycle & slowed down healing )

Thank you for reading & understating my concern
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Re: Anal Fissure & hemorrhoids

Postby Canadabum » 04 Jan 2016, 17:45

Hi Spacejunkfood...Welcome to the forum!

I will do my best to answer your questions -- bear in mind i am not a doctor, just a fellow fissure journeyman ;)

A - healing symptoms include feeling less pain, feeling better, feeling fewer weird feelings down there...anything good!!

B - Coconut oil as far as I can tell is simply a temporary measure that provides some measure of comfort to some in and of itself will not heal a fissure

C - YES....see your doc. You are very early in this and it is always good to get checked out. Tell your doc that you think you have a fissure and to be gentle down there in case they want to stick their finger up...dont want to cause more damage. So ask them to be very gentle. If the pain/blood persist I would highly recommend you begin a fissure cream like Rectiv, Diltiazem or Nifedipine -- your doc can prescribe. Also -- you should be drinking lots of water each day, make sure you are eating well with a good amount of fibre in the diet and make sure you keep the area clean by taking a sitz bath after your bm (or use a shower nozzle that can spray up there). If the pain increases I would also add a heat source like a heating pad to sit on during the day and increase warm baths or sitz baths.

Your GP is your first consult...but if it gets any worse in the short term (as in the next week or two) make sure you go see a CRS for a consult.

Good luck,
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