Anal hell

From hemorrhoids to fistula to fissure:(

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Anal hell

Postby Sc1090 » 04 Aug 2015, 04:21

Hello my name a Robert and I'm a 24 y/o male and this is my story. 

So back in April I notice during my BM I was having some pain and blood on the TP I was having a lot of pain at night when I was trying to sleep so I thought it was a hemorrhoid I went to the store and got some more baby wipes and preparation H hoping that would take care of it. 

I let about a week pass by and notice it didn't seem to get better.  I was noticing the pain was getting worse and pus started to drain out and my anal area was starting to become raw and sore. So I went to the ER, since at this time I was out of state for work.

I was given something for the pain and had a CT scan done to make sure it wasn't a cyst or something. The doctor told me it was a hemorrhoid and gave me an antibiotic medicine and also Tramadol for the pain which did nothing for me.  After a week I ended up back in the ER for the pain again, and hoping to get a second opinion. The second opinion was it was a hemmie and as soon as I get back to see my doctor and they give lidocaine 2% which also didn't help at all. 

I had to live like this for the next three weeks until I came back home. Also, I had to drive from Texas to Los Angeles in a truck which was not good for me as I could not get much movement and the pus would just leak out and give off a smell which I hope I was the only one who can smell it. So when I got back home the following day I went to see my doctor. He said he could see that my skin was very tender and raw and after explaining everything to him he said he thought it might be an anal fistula and had me go see a surgeon. He also prescribed me two antibiotics and Norco for the pain which also didn't help with the pain. Norco doesn't help at all. 

So when I went to see the surgeon he examined me and I explained once again my story and he said he didn't see anything but you are very tender and red down there, don't itch, and what ever was there is gone now so just let it continue healing which I thought was wired and I also didn't really liked him. 

So I let a few week go by and the outside of anal area started to heal nicely and I thought this might be the end because my bottom was very raw and red it was pretty much open skin. So I was looking at the bright side thinking everything was good but yet I was still have blood on the TP so after a few week I developed this really bad pain when I had a BM it was worst pain to the point where I was yelling bloody murder. When I would wipe it would be full of blood more the normal and so would the TP. It scared me so I made another appt. with another surgeon because I wanted a second opinion and I didn't like the first doctor. 

When I went to see the new doctor I explain everything I had been going thru for the past two months and how I been in pain and discomfort pretty much everyday. When he tried to examine me he couldn't because of how painful it was for me and he also noticed some swelling and a bit of a skin tag. He prescribed nifedipine compound ointment and lidocaine 5%, which helped way more. He told me to come back in six weeks of not sooner if things don't go away.

I felt good about the second week and then it came back, but worse, so on the fourth week I made another visit to his office and he told me okay I'm sorry that it didn't work but your skin tag went away and it just seen like it's time for you to do surgery. So he scheduled me for surgery 5 days later to do a fissurectomy, possible hemorrhoidectomy, and Botox injections into anal sphincter.

Two days before the surgery, and after I continue to a liquid diet in fear of having a a bad BM the pain was still there but okay I was getting rest and taking it easy. After about the second day it felt very very sore, hurt to walk and move around so I was on pain meds round the clock as well as taking stool softener and also laxative pill because I did t want to get constipated.  Around the 2nd day I finally got out of bed and left the house. I pushed my self to do some walking and getting out it was very sore to walk and sit but also I kept in mind it's only been 2 days so just take it easy but I walk slow and with a limp. Also, I forgot to mention my ribs are bruised for an accident I had a week prior to surgery and that can take up to three weeks to heal as well which is also painful! 

Well fast forward to day 7 post-op I am still having pain and to the point were I feel nauseous during my BM and I am also still bleeding during my BM which are soft and always feel the need to push more which makes it sore and I also see blood clots when I wipe after doing so after every BM i sitz in a hot bath for 20 mins which I have done so before surgery. I'm still walking a bit slow and with a limp and I still sore when it comes to sitting down or standing for a long time.

 I don't know if maybe it's still to soon or I'm just being impatient about the whole process, but is any of this normal? The soreness doesn't seem to go away and I also have an itching sensation which is very annoying there been a couple of time that I have woke up from a nap also to find blood on my underwear which i don't know why I'm bleeding out when I'm sleeping. I have read a lot of posts on this site and want to try the coconut oil remedy. Please let me know if you experience any of this and how you dealt with that.  

If you had read all this thank you I'm sorry but I do get carried away when I start to write. All this has been going on since April of 2015 to present and everyday I have pain and discomfort.
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Re: Anal hell

Postby Savaici » 04 Aug 2015, 10:14

:wel: Not the place anyone wants to be, but welcome anyway, Robert!

You seem to have all the symptoms of a post-hemhorrhoid surgery - worse than childbirth, and I have experienced that.

You seem to be doing everything right, though I would suggest getting a Sitz Bath (the Rite Aid one is the best in my estimation) and soaking in hot'ish water after and pre-BM. In fact, if it is a relief to you, poop in the water and put it down the loo and put more water in, and so on. Doctor and nurse have said this is ok...helped me. Sounds foul, but what the hell, all ports in the severe pain of AFs.

To me, it did sound like an absess that you had. Was the surgeon a colon and rectal one (CRS)? You said you had a CT (not an MRI? - usual for fistula) scan done, so presumably that was to see if it was a fistula.

Good link about fistulas: ... al_fistula

Hope you are drinking enough water to make sure you do not get constipated from the pain killers. Also, most everyone on here swears by Miralax for helping things go easily through, though I see you said your BMs are soft. I think you do need to give it time - as you'll read from others who have had this type of surgery, especially as they did hemhorrhoid surgery at the same time!

We are here and happy to answer questions, and there is loads of information here too, posts from people who have gone through what you're going through, so don't worry that you have something that is different :smilyhug: going on!
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