Ano-rectal disorders

10 months after LIS surgery

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Ano-rectal disorders

Postby laninq » 22 Feb 2018, 05:18

First, hello all co-sufferrers. Before I make my mind to risk the LIS operation, I've ve explored all medical data on the net and talking to several gastroenterologists about this painful condition. In my country Bulgaria (Balcan peninsula in Northeast Europe) the LIS method is not so popular and welcomed amongst surgeons. Only few of them has set it as gold standart. It wasn't very easy for straightforward judgement whether to have it or not. My only alternative was dilatation which proves inefficacy and much complications. So I've preferred the more successful method.
The recovery pass almost normal to what I've anticipated. My skin tag was excised and the wound was stiched up. This manipulation facilitates the healing of the fissure. But not without extra pain and sitting inability for several weeks. Everything moved according to the normal healing process. But after a month my pile enlarged and was capable of seeing it through my anus. It was like red tip of finger projected near the hole. I felt discomfort like itching and blunt pain. I connected to my surgeon. He wasn't worried at all. As he said wait to pass away. Almost everyday I had embarassing spasms in my anus muscle like shrinking in every movement or strain with a stomach. This state continues today 10 months after operation. But only every now and then. I have no explanation what is that from my surgeon! :dunno: My pile soothed and subsided. 4 moths later I've endured a several changes of life style like moving up in new apartment, getting second job, then leaving my two jobs, the death of my grandparents, now having new job. Too much pressure and stress. I react to stress with inflamation of the anus. New hemorhhoids bulged up externally and internally. So I get fucked up again. I discover the leeches treatment for various disease like hemorrhoids. They make miracles after 8 to 10 times of application. Medicinal leeches cost pretty much than oinments. One is sold for 8 euro. At least 4 to 10 leaches are recommended for tangible results. But they work only symptomatically. I find out that after operation my anal tissue becomes more fragile and weak. You have to remember when repair something, other thing breaks down. Take care!
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Re: Ano-rectal disorders

Postby Deleted User 7033 » 05 Mar 2018, 09:59

Hey buddy try Pine Oil for all gastrointestinal related problems is amazing.
No need for surgery no change of lifestyle needed it's anti inflammatory properties is off the charts.
I used the sugar cube method. 5ml on 1 cube or 10ml with 2 cubes.
I wouldn't go higher than 10ml in a day and take every other day. 3 times a week should be sufficient.
If you feel unwell leave it for a few days.
I've taken it for a month and i feel great. I took 15ml but felt unwell so reduced my dose to 5 and 10 ml. Per day.
No one will recommend this treatment so don't be suprised if you're told not to do it.
Hope this helps
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