Another anal fissure

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Another anal fissure

Postby Ash1988 » 26 Oct 2017, 01:51

Hi everyone!

I have had a bad fissure for around a month after childbirth, I believe that it has been slowly getting worse for around 4 months. have been using the GTN cream and that seems to have healed the fissure within 4 weeks. However, I have started using a squatting potty type thing and now I feel like I have another fissure in the opposite side to my original one. In a lot of pain and bleeding again!

Just wondering if anyone has experience of this happening?

I’m eating well, taking stool softeners and am not constipated!

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks
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Re: Another anal fissure

Postby westbcoast » 26 Oct 2017, 12:07

Any fissure will take a long time to cure, it's a tear and day after day you stretching it with BM's. The trick is to try manage it.

I was a chronic suffer for well over a year, couldn't walk, couldn't sit, constant pain.

Try avoid stool softeners, because they take water from other parts of your body and direct it towards your anus. Use them sparely and your body will get used to them and they won't work long term and are unhealthy.

My best advice is drink lots of fluids, water, juice you name it, try get liquids in your body. Avoid anything that will constipate or dehydrate you like alcohol.

It will take your body a long time to get used to the liquids but don't expect it to heal quickly ..

Avoid any straining, go immediately to the washroom when you need it, don't wait even 10 minutes. Don't sit on the toilet for longer than 2 minutes as this would strain, don't force a BM. Don't drink things like prune juice.
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