Are my hemorrhoids thrombosed?

I'm new to this part...

Do you have Hemorrhoids and are contemplating or have had a Hemorrhoidectomy? If you are thinking of surgery, or want to ask questions on anything to do with Hemorrhoids, or want to share with others who have been through this, this is the place!

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Are my hemorrhoids thrombosed?

Postby hopingforhealing » 22 Jul 2016, 19:18

Thank you for reading! I had botox for 2 fissures two weeks ago and developed a couple of hemorrhoids within the first few days afterwards. Had one day of total agony maybe 5 days ago. For the most part things have been manageable since then, although sometimes after pooping I will have pretty intense pain for a short while. However, I have had two random bouts of diarrhea which had made things visibly worse and today I had a BM that unleashed a lot of blood. It didn't hurt much at the time but gradually got more intense.

Now, one of my hems is mushroom or balloon shaped and red. It's about the size of a grape and doesn't hang out of the hole, just sits inside of it. Another one, which I believe is responsible for most of the pain and blood, especially early on, used to look like a balloonish lump just around the edge of the hole but now is back inside. I can provide pictures if it would help (lol--but seriously).

My big questions: Do either of these sound thrombosed? Are they likely to heal on their own?

Also: I'm very experienced with fissures but totally new to hemorrhoids. Any advice? What helps? What are the most effective creams, foods, and lifestyle helps with healing?

I would really appreciate any help, using the search hasn't proved too useful. At this point I'm feeling very discouraged that what I hoped would be the solution to my problems has left me with more issues. I can't afford to take any more time off work so I'm really hoping the roids won't require another hospital procedure to fix.
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Re: Are my hemorrhoids thrombosed?

Postby pinpin » 27 Jul 2016, 01:10

Welcome and thank you sharing you story.

I indeed sounds like thromboses hemmie. It can take up to two weeks for this lump to go disappear. You can also post a picture under spoiler tag if you want.

There is also option to cut a blood clot out, you should visit doctor for that, then it all will settle in couple of days.
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