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Re: As it goes...

Postby hopefull » 08 Feb 2016, 03:22

Hi Felix, Sorry to hear you are having setbacks also, it's tiring stuff sometimes. Sounds like the same sort of pain I'm experiencing. I agree, just have to manage it daily, I've accepted it now and it doesn't get me down. I think it helped to know that the fissure has healed and the pain is something else. I've given up on dilating and ointments and pain killers. What has helped lately is all the stone fruit that's in season, especially cherries which I have a few of each night if I can.
Luckily we have a garden which is going crazy at the moment so I'm having to eat a lot of veges to keep on top of it, two birds with one stone.
I have an appt again with the surgeon in a months time, will be interested to hear what he says about the continued bleeding.
I've started running, it feels great :)
Thanks for checking in with me:) Stay in touch :)
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Re: As it goes...

Postby felix » 08 Feb 2016, 13:46

Nothing like a positive mental attitude to help! I am trying to be kind to myself and not let the bad days stress me out but it is hard.. I am glad you are running, I started that in the summer and it has really helped my stress levels on dealing with this bottom business! I was really scared to run in casrle I hurt myself but decided the mental benefits outweighed the physical risks! Good luck with it and keep in touch too, may we look back on this and laugh one day!! X
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