can a surgery be cancelled due to a fast heart rate

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can a surgery be cancelled due to a fast heart rate

Postby whatsherface » 16 Mar 2018, 07:40

so i just had my pre op. other than the fissure, my health is fine but i get a lot of anxiety when i go to the doctors or hospital. i can't help it /control it.

after checking my blood pressure, it was fine but the heart rate was really high due to my nerves. when i'm not nervous, my heart rate is normal.

the nurse kept saying the surgery may be cancelled because of this. i explained to her i've had a surgery before when i had anxiety and the docs were fine with it back then. but she kept saying she was concerned even though i told her it was just nerves.

so she made me go for a blood test to check if anything else was a problem.

if results come back fine, will they allow me to do surgery.
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Re: can a surgery be cancelled due to a fast heart rate

Postby Wily » 18 Mar 2018, 15:50

They will still do your surgery unless your high HR is related to some kind of heart condition-which is likely to show up on an ecg.
Once you are sedated and prepped for surgery your HR will come right down if it is related to anxiety.
Discuss it with the team before the op, they would have seen 'white coat ' hypertension and high HR a hundred times.
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