Can Metamucil help loose stools, too?

Having trouble regulating my BMs

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Re: Can Metamucil help loose stools, too?

Postby Luka » 01 Feb 2016, 12:03

Just an update:

I started eating the cinnamon Metamucil wafers and really like them! They have a good taste to them, although they do get stuck in your teeth pretty badly.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Metamucil is really helping my problem. I had two wafers yesterday instead of one liek I've been eating for the past week with plenty of water, yet I still had hard, dry stool in the morning and it was hard to go. : ( I thought this was supposed to help me, not make me worse! Maybe two wafers is too much for me in the morning, even though that's a full serving. I still have loose stool after the initial bout of harder stool. Maybe I should take the wafers in the evening after dinner instead or space out one in the morning and one in the evening?

Ugh, I'm just so disgusted right now. It seems like the more I try to help myself and change things, the worse I get. : ( I'm so confused right now. The Colace doesn't seem to be doing anything for me, either. It seemed like it was helping in the morning at first with the harder stools, but now I don't even notice it working anymore.

I really am thinking of trying Miralax to help the dry stool problem in the morning, but since I have loose stool later in the morning, I'm very hesitant to try it. I just want to regulate things, but I seem to be failing at it. : (

Sorry for the rant, but I'm very frustrated right now. If this keeps up, I don't know how I can heal this fissure. I'm sure stressing out over all this is not helping me either.
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