Confused about fistula

Doctor said I have a superficial fistula

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Confused about fistula

Postby Deleted User 3641 » 22 Oct 2014, 03:27

I just saw a new colorectal surgeon yesterday and he says I have a superficial fistula that formed directly under the fissure that I have. I had botox surgery from a previous surgeon. My new doctor has over 30 years experience versus the 10 years experience of the other CRS and he spotted the problem in 2 minutes with some kind of cone shaped device and probing some sort of metal pick along the an us until he found a hole and inserted the pick.

I don't know if this recovery will be more painful that the botox/cutting the previous doctor did to clean up the fissure wound. The CRS said i would be in surgery on a Thursday and back to work on Monday. I am concerned about have the massive spasms that I received from my previous surgery.

I also feel that I may consult legal counsel regarding the bottom surgery that I did not need when all this time I had a fistula.

My wife seems to be relieved that I have a fistula, but at the same time I cannot imagine why she has relief! This fistula procedure may bring back the constipation from anesthesia and spasms from a fresh injury that I loathed for over 9 months.

Has anyone been through this "minor" fistula condition where the fistula developed in the same high pressure area as the fissure?

Deleted User 3641

Re: Confused about fistula

Postby Deleted User 3641 » 22 Oct 2014, 03:31

Just to clarify, my spasms were present before the surgery, which was 2 months back, but after the surgery the spasms were 100 times worse. Overall I have had spams during past 9 months with improvement over the past month due to diet and stool softeners
Deleted User 3641

Re: Confused about fistula

Postby jlm1 » 22 Oct 2014, 19:09

I think my story if similar. You can look for more specifics if you are interested on the general anal fissure page. I posted a lot there over the past few months. In a nutshell: I got a fissure in May and went to a gastro who prescribed nitro which I used for 6 weeks with no relief. The pain form the spasms was so bad I talked about death..... and I am not suicidal. So I do understand the pain associated with fissures! Terrible. I finally went to a crs who at first thought it was ulcerated hemmrohoids. (I also have roids) She gave me another ointment. I called her crying 2 days later and then I went to hospital, was put under and she found a deep and significant fissure. 2 days later I had botox injections in her office. I chose this over surgery. It has taken a while but the fissure is healing. Unfortunately, I developed an anal abscess right under a skin tag that developed from the fissure. That was drained, I was given antibiotics. A week later I just knew something wasn't right and went back to see her and of course, I had a fistula. She said most fistulas that occur due to fissures are superficial and simple. I was put under again and she cut open the fistula and even removed some of the skin tag. But I still have plenty more which makes cleaning the area very annoying. Ugh. My doctor also said I should be ok in a week. I had this on Oct 8th and still haven't gone back to work. Everybody heals differently but I think these doctors are a little unrealistic when it comes to recovery....after all it is surgery in a bad area. Even if simple, it's still a cut. Now it's getting better but my bowels are all off and I am terrified of the fissure re tearing. It's about 80% healed. The procedure itself wasn't too bad. Outpatient, was given oxycoton which I totally needed that first few days. Of course, my recovery may have gotten slowed down because I am a woman and got my monthly peroid a few days after the procedure so I know that messed up my system as I had to use the bathroom a lot and that was irritating. Sorry of this is too much info......, lol.......but I really don't care any more. I have had to tell so many people what is going on.
Good luck to you! Hopefully, after the fistula is fixed, you will be fine!
fissure May 2014
nitro, diltiazem
botox July
fistula surgery, piece of skin tag removed Oct
fissure declared healed Dec
currently have burning/pain-told it is nerve pain
physical therapy, sitz baths, valium suppositories
hoping I am healing
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