Confused - abscess or fistula?

Will I need another surgery?

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Confused - abscess or fistula?

Postby GilmoreGirl » 28 Apr 2017, 12:10

Hi all,

Had LIS 4 weeks ago and just got home from emergency - I was told I now have an abscess, right next to the incision site.

I can feel a hard ball/lump "deep" inside the fleshy area between the anus and butt cheek. The pain feels like a throbbing bruise and is worse when pressed.

The info I was given was:

- there is an abscess
- it has begun to drain on it's own so no need for lancing
- I am to take sitz baths and press on the area to help draining
- there is no sign of infection so no need for antibiotics
- the abscess is small
- I will have a follow up with the surgeon who did my LIS asap next week to discuss

But I am going crazy not knowing what is going to happen. First of all, I'm confused as to whether this is a fistula or abscess - I can't seem to figure it out. The drainiage does not seem too yucky or smelly, is just kind of very light yellow, almost clear. I believe it just started to drain today, as the pain reached a peak and is eased by pressing and causing more drainiage.

Am I likely to have to have another surgery for this? If it has ruptured on it's own, will it just go away as it drains?

The past week has been the first time I have felt remotely good since September - I am almost back to my old self and I can't bear the thought of another issue.

Also, I'm only 25 - and the thought of a fistula scares me like crazy. Will I have a wound/ drainage down there long term?? I want to be able to wear what I want and have a normal sex life and be able exercise vigorously/weightlift again...

Feeling depressed. Thank goodness for this board.

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Re: Confused - abscess or fistula?

Postby thedude » 02 May 2017, 20:34

Generally, an abscess will lead to a fistula and require a fistulotomy. In my opinion it's not as bad as a fissure. I had both.

The abscess forms them for it to drain a small tube like hole will usually form from the source of the abscess to the outside hence the draining. The abscess needs to be cut out and cleaned and the fistula track needs to be taken care of as well otherwise the abscess will reform.

This is all short term. You'll be able to have a normal sex life, wear what you want and weight lift. I had an abscess and fissure and returned to Olympic weightlifting without issue 1-2 months after surgery.
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