Fed up with fissure problem!

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Fed up with fissure problem!

Postby Backtosquare1 » 30 Aug 2014, 15:19

I've been looking at posts for the last year or so, but now I feel ready to share my own experience.

I'm a 22 year old female who has had an anal fissure for two years now. Since then it has re-torn multiple times and I always feel like I'm going back to square one. One minute it seems like it's healing and the next it is at its worst again. I'm just getting really fed up. I've been to the doctors twice and I am looking to go again. The first time they just told me to take fibregel every day , which just didn't seem to work (maybe because I wasn't persistent enough) and the second time they said the same thing but said if it didn't get better they would give me some cream (can't remember the name but it's meant to give you really bad headaches).

Anyway , fast forward to now, it's been over a year since I went to the doctors. The pain only really lasts when I go to the toilet , and maybe 5-10 minutes after if it's a bad day. Sometimes there is a bit of bright , red blood but not always. Most of the time I just have a sharp pain but no bleeding and it always seems to re tear when it's that time of the month (anyone else have this problem?)

I'm just looking for advice really , should I get this cream or give fibre gel another go? I do believe partly the reason it hasn't healed yet is due to my lack of persistence with eating a good amount of fibre every day , and not drinking enough water. Any help appreciated because I'm starting to get paranoid it's something more serious (I'm sure you hyperchondriacs out there can relate)

EDIT: just been reading posts about organic virgin coconut oil. Has this worked for anyone/ would you recommend it ?
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Re: Fed up with fissure problem!

Postby Apes » 30 Aug 2014, 18:55

Sorry you have had this for so long. The cream is called nitroglycerin and it can cause headaches. I used it to no avail and found that after about 5 days I didn't get headaches anymore. The whole point of the water and fiber is to have soft BMS. That way the fissure can have time to heal. Coconut oil is great at soothing the area. I use it after a BM. I CLEAN UP AND THEN APPLY IT. it is really good and you can try without worrying about any side effects. I think you should make an appointment with a CRS and get his advice. Trying one of creams would be a good start although it will be harder to heal since you have had it for so long. Good luck keep us posted.
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Re: Fed up with fissure problem!

Postby Alyssa » 30 Aug 2014, 19:48

I also agree that you need to talk to a crs to determine your options at this point since you have put up with a fissure for a very long time... Perhaps your only options at this time maybe Botox or surgery...
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Re: Fed up with fissure problem!

Postby mmklinemm » 30 Aug 2014, 23:04

Coconut oil is great for soothing the area. I mix a little lavender essential oil in with it for the extra healing properties. But I don't believe it alone will allow you to heal. I strongly suggest you see a colorectal surgeon (CRS) for your best shot at healing. Until you do, try taking very warm baths or using a sitz bath after your BMs. The hot water is great for soothing and easing the pain and spasms. I also find it helpful to take ibuprofen as soon as I wake up so it has a chance to kick in before my BM. Another tip is to prelube with vaseline or aquaphor before having a BM. Best of luck to you!! Feel free to ask any questions or vent when it gets bad - we've all been there and can empathize.
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Re: Fed up with fissure problem!

Postby Scientist2516 » 31 Aug 2014, 10:25

Lots of great advice here.

Soft BMs, whatever is the best way to achieve that. Fibogel might be one way, improving your diet is another. The trick is to hydrate your stools with water and fibre, but not get them too bulky.
Drinking lots of water is boring but key to soft stools.

Increasing blood supply to the anal sphincter - the nitroglycerine, or another medication like nifedipine or diltiazem, which both relax the sphincter and the blood vessels in the sphincter. Nitro is the headache one. I personally found it the most effective too. The headaches didn't last long in my case.

Heat, as in a warm bath or with a hot water bottle, can also be effective in soothing pain and increasing blood supply to the area. Just don't get it too hot! Moderate heat is best.

Do see a doctor. You can try the medication, but as the others said, you may do better with surgery at this point. It sounds scary, and it is a bit scary, but it works well for many people. You will need to weigh your options very carefully. That's what this forum is for! You can ask questions, read about the progress of others who've had it.

I recommend browsing the "Success Stories" section of the forum for a few days!
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Diltiazem, effective, but caused major rash
Nitroglycerine, effective.
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Re: Fed up with fissure problem!

Postby Ever the Optimist » 31 Aug 2014, 11:00

As everyone else says here, go back & get a reassessment. It seems strange that although you bleed, your pain is sharp but quite short-lived.....I'm wondering if your fissure has actually healed and you may be suffering issues with a hem or Sentinel pile in the area that is continuing to bother you?? Hems can also be painful and bleed as you describe. Fissure pain is so much more intense....lasting relentlessly for hours at a time, but I'm no med!
I had great results with Diltiazem and fortunately, no side effects. (like the head rushes the Nitro can cause)
Yes, things were always worse for me around my period as with a lot of us other females here and I continue to use Coconut Oil to this day - it's soothing, safe to use, moisturising and just generally makes things feel "better" for me.....You have nothing to lose just seeing if it helps you......All the very best in getting through this :)
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