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Re: Feeling discouraged...

Postby Luka » 14 Jan 2016, 10:03

Shania213 - Usually your muscles are too tight to look inside anyway without causing a lot more pain. That's why they do exams under general anesthesia, which is what I am aiming for (and LIS) as soon as I find the funds and get a good quote. My previous CRS would not even use a scope or look inside (or even do a digital exam) because he said he didn't want to cause me more pain or make the problem worse. The previous CRS's I saw clearly wanted to use the scope on me, I could tell, and I am so petrified of it because of the fear of making the problem worse since I'm so tight down there and so scared. I've heard on this forum and other places that the scope can possibly make things worse and re-tear it if done with an active fissure and not under anesthesia, so that really scared me, aside from the pain.

Unfortunately, my fissure cannot be seen from the outside (it's internal), so I need to get an exam under anesthesia in order to finally confirm all this (and get the LIS done hopefully in the process). : (

Hang in there, Shania. Things will get better. I'm sure you're tired of hearing that, but they always do in time. It just takes so long for these stupid things to heal!
January 2013 - Diagnosed with fissure. Eventually turned chronic.
History of IBS and anxiety disorder, along with fear of using bathrooms other than my own caused it.
Tried Diltiazem, but eventually developed a rash.
LIS surgery scheduled August 26th.
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