First bm post LIS


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First bm post LIS

Postby GilmoreGirl » 07 Apr 2017, 11:32

Hi all,

Question for those of you who have had LIS:

I had my surgery on Tuesday afternoon, it is now Friday afternoon and I still have not had a real bowel movement. I passed a little bit of diarrhea twice yesterday, which was likely a reaction to the anesthesia. In fact, I am still having trouble passing gas, let alone a solid bm.

The pain has lessened but I have lots of swollen hems/tissue around the area.

I have not eaten much besides ensure and a little snack here or there since surgery. I am feeling backed up and bloated and getting stomach pain from the trapped gas etc.

I feel like I need to have a bm, but I push and push and at best a little gas comes out. I tried applying nifedipine slightly up inside but couldn't as it is so tight - it's like they sewed it shut completely!

Has anyone experienced anything similar? The nurse said I may not have a good bm until Monday. They want me to start taking stool softners tomorrow if I haven't gone yet. But I'm hesitant to take anything to encourage a bm when I'm still at the point where I have to strain lots to pass gas...should I just wait it out?

Before the op I often had to use an enema or glycerine suppository to help me go, but I definitely can't do that now, and I'm worried I just won't be able to without them.

Getting a little scared! :cry:
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Re: First bm post LIS

Postby Diaboliq » 22 Apr 2017, 16:19

I'm probably late, but I had LIS on wed, and just had my first BM today (Saturday morning). The BM was super soft, only had to slightly nudge it out, but ended up going 3 times in a row one after another, /!: had no pain during, and only a slight ache after. What an improvement!
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