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Postby sambaker » 22 Jul 2018, 08:09

I am 36. After the birth of my child of via cesarean 15 mo ago I was extremely constipated. After three days I finally had a BM but, in the process, developed a large anal fissure (posterior location). I attempted to cure it myself for months by being careful with BMs but it didn’t work.

I was finally referred to a colorectal surgeon five months later-at that time the fissure was LARGE, you could see sphincter muscle! I was given topical nifedipine and told to use Miralax. The nifedipine did not help. I was scared to use the Miralax. Finally when I started using it, over the course of several months the fissure healed but left a sentinel tag and some surrounding fibrotic scar tissue.

Things went relatively well until I had another hard stool a few months later and developed a new fissure right next to the old one. It has now been a month and, despite good use of Miralax, it continues to reopen even after days of no signs of blood.

I am so frustrasted but also worried. I don’t know if this is due to functional constipation issues, some type of food sensitivity, or maybe even Crohn’s disease. It has now been 15 mo that I have been dealing with this issue. I am heading back to doctor next week and the next step is likely Botox.

I can’t find any information anywhere regarding what to expect long term with anal fissures. It sounds like, even if it heals, I will need Miralax forever?! What are the rates of re-opening? When it reopens is that like starting over every time or is there a chance that it has started to heal? I have always had a sensitive anus (feels itchy/pruritic occasionally) so is it possible this stems from some sort of food allergy/sensitivity? Even if it heals will I ever be able to have a normal BM again? I always see medical advice about fissures that seems like this is a short term problem so I guess I am just looking for advice/reassurance that I am not the only one who has been dealing with the issue for such a long time.
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