fistula, keyhole deformity, or hemorrhoid

never ending complications after my LIS!

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fistula, keyhole deformity, or hemorrhoid

Postby caf1988 » 04 Sep 2016, 14:16

had the LIS april 20 2016 ~ no complications initially but a month later felt infected, painful, so had an MRI and biopsy ~ found dead tissue (I could kind of feel this pressing into buttcheek at times - this is NO LONGER there!) and strep infection after an "exploratory surgery" (nothing was drained bc there was nothing to drain) - received antibiotics, infection is gone. biopsy showed markers for inflammation but not Crohn's specific, guess it could still technically be Crohn's, though.

since ending the antibiotics, i have been having itching and swelling and slight stool leakage in the anal canal. It has gotten progressively worse to where the incision site appears not only swollen, but like there is what appears to be an internal prolapsed hemorrhoid sticking out. Upon digital rectal exam, everything is raw and tight inside. Nothing, however, is really that generally painful. There isn't a discharge persay, but where the incision happened there is an indentation that always seems to have stool in it. If I spend a lot of time cleaning, it goes away but will come back with next BM. The entire structure of the anal canal seems completely messed up.

question is, could this be a fistula? It doesn't seem to be draining but there is stool. There isn't pain.
or do I just have hemorrhoids now or a key hole deformity?
I'm getting examined again, but not for three weeks. It is driving me crazy not know.

thanks for any advice.
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Re: fistula, keyhole deformity, or hemorrhoid

Postby pinpin » 01 Nov 2016, 05:46


Yes, it could be a fistula, did you have opportunity to check this with doctor?
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