Going slowly insane

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Going slowly insane

Postby Kurryn » 07 Sep 2016, 19:57

Found this forum yesterday and so glad to read some of the information. I'm Georgia, 37 years old from NZ.

I'm now 11 weeks post partum and suffering. I developed hideous external hemorrhoids at about 6 months pregnant that had me bed bound. I now have major skin tag issues and apparently and AF. I saw a specialist two weeks ago who said things will resolve but it will take time.

My tags are painful. They get so irritated so easily. I'm pretty sure that I have a prolapsed internal hem that comes out from time to time although I also now understand that this could be swelling of the tags. It happens tho when straining (ie holding my baby) which makes me think its a hem.

The specialist said there are no hems, everything looks ok bar the tags. He thought I may have had an AF based on some pain I had the week previously but he couldn't see it.

I've changed my diet, I'm not constipated at all, I go every night. I've adopted a nearly gluten and dairy free plus no chocolate or coffee diet.

Everything just hurts, all the time. I hate going out, the idea for example of going somewhere that has hard chairs, I just can't do it. I can't hold my baby standing up for very long. Driving is also hard. Its doing my head in.

How long do I give myself to come right?!
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Re: Going slowly insane

Postby Lostandconfused » 09 Sep 2016, 09:23

Hi Georgia welcome!! I actually received horrible external hemmys, and skin tag after birth like you. I suffered for almost a year with no relief while pushing to see a specialist as something didn't seem right. Finally at 8 months pp I was diagnosed with a fissure and was prescribed nitro. After a few weeks I started to feel better and modified my diet to ensure bms were soft. I still have good and bad days 6 months later and my next specialist appt is next week, hoping for positive news. I know it can really get you down, I also didn't want to leave the house etc and looking back now I feel like I've missed out on enjoying my baby fully because of it. Take care :)
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