Had colonoscopy and banding

External hemorhoids

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Had colonoscopy and banding

Postby ah97 » 12 Jan 2016, 16:26

Hello, I have posted a few times here but anyway long story short I'm an 18 y/o man with internal and external hemorrhoids. I was told by my GI I could get the internals banded and that would pretty much get rid of the externals. So I got a colonoscopy and proceeded to the banding. Banding was very easy it's been 5 days so the internal should have already fallen off. However my externals do not look different at all... They are grade ones but have been there for a year so I'm unsure about what to do. Anyone else experience anything similiar or have any advice?
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Re: Had colonoscopy and banding

Postby plshelp » 15 Jan 2016, 13:30

I would recommend seeing your GI again if it is causing you discomfort/worry. :)

I do not have much experience with hemorrhoids, as I struggle mostly with AF. However, I believe that I had a small hemorrhoid (not 100%, as I self-diagnosed lol!) upon examining a swollen area down there. With the typical treatment I use for AF (warm baths, lots of water, softening stools) I noticed that it went away in about a week!

Any wound down there can also take quite awhile to heal; I'd say take it easy on the area and wait a few more days. Which I know is frustrating; I hate being told to wait another whole month to see if I'm in pain and THEN they'll do something, but a lot of the times it does clear up/get a bit better. :)

Not the most helpful advice, I know, but it is worth a shot if you aren't already trying it, even without discomfort. Otherwise, see that GI again to confirm everything is okay!
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