Healing and Eating

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Healing and Eating

Postby pmb5263 » 09 Mar 2022, 10:55

Hello friends,

I recently underwent LIS and hemorrhoid banding after being in pain for a couple months.

I am currently on Sitz, Diltiazem, lidocaine and eating a fruit/milkshake/oats diet.

Few days into the surgery my stool became hard and I was facing mouth blisters … my water intake was rather low for the 6-7 meds I was on.

Though my question is my healing is not improved because the pain persists after bowel movement and I cannot stand.

I got myself checked yesterday and the doctor said there was improvement on some areas. Yes, he touched them and pain was less but only in 3 out of 4 areas. Banding was done on the outside for me.

He suggested doing an open hemorrhoidectomy and seeing if healing happens faster. Can someone suggest if I should go on with the healing process or consider this too?

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Re: Healing and Eating

Postby Buttwhyyy » 18 Mar 2022, 13:33

I had an external hemorrhoidectomy for a grade 4 thromboses. It took about 4 weeks to fully heal and I had to take 6-7 baths a day. But it did heal. It was an extremely painful couple days after but as days went on it got better. There’s a lot of maintenance that goes into making sure you heal correctly so just be prepared for that. I kept getting a flair up in the same spot so I think now that the vein has been removed and re-healed it won’t happen again. Fingers crossed.
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