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Postby ouch_88 » 30 Nov 2016, 09:18

:D hello everyone!

Today marks 5 weeks since I first started noticing the symptoms of my AF. My original post was over on another board so here's a quick summary:
- I've had a tough year health wise recovering from a slipped disc in my back plus a recent bout of shingles
- first noticed considerable amounts of blood in BM with some pain towards the end of October
- doctor first diagnosed me with hemmy before changing their mind and confirming AF, prescribed Fybogel
- pain increased over the first couple of weeks and blood persisted
- I have noticed my pain is now decreasing, both when I have a BM and throughout the day, to me it does feel like things are healing.

Bleeding also appears to be much less. I can go a day or so with no blood then a little the next day, followed by none, but then it comes back again. Small amounts each time though. So, my question is regarding the overall healing process and what to expect. Those who have healed, did the bleeding continue up until the point you fully recovered? I'm trying to focus on the fact it is feeling better overall but it's really hard trying to ignore the blood :cry:

Any words of encouragement much appreciated! :thanx:
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Re: Healing?

Postby Qtbutton28 » 07 Dec 2016, 10:38

My AF was caused by chronic constipation. Therefore, I focused on alleviating the cause instead of just the symptom (af). I started taking miralax daily and when the constipation cleared up, so did the fissures. I take 1 dose daily and it takes about 3 days to have a softening effect on your bowels. I tried EVERY laxative product I could get my hands on and none of them worked until I found miralax. Fissure healed up in about a week and a half and it's never come back :) I'm still taking the miralax and probably will for some time.
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