Hello my name is guy

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Hello my name is guy

Postby JasonAnderson21 » 06 Sep 2019, 03:32

Hello Guys pleasure to meet you all !
My name is Guy I'm from israel and im Suffering from Fissure for 9-10 months Already
I'm 24 years old and in Sunday i will probably be doing a surgery to cut 1/3 from the anus

I have few questings and if someone will be able to answer them i will be so thankful and i dont mind even pay
my english is not so good and im sorry it will be hard for me to explain my self
so please try to be patient

I'm drinking like 2-3 Liter of water daily and i do walk alot in work i also eat fruits and good meals and not the kind that not spose to eat
i do enjoy some bit chocolate from time to time but sometimes like per 1-3 days i have really dry Poop
and when i try to push and get it out it really really hurts ! and then the terrible Pain starts to come
i also think i have a bit hemorrhoids
tiny ones and i dont know if they do the pain or its the fissure
i been try lot of showers in hot water and change diet and im going to do a surgery

the thing is that im drinking rn Psychiatric pills
and im using brintellix 10 mg and i dont know if that what cause the constipation
... it really make me sad and wanna give up on life i really dont know what to do anymore
i afraid that i will do the surgery and even after it will come back again?? im so afraid of the surgery himself

can please someone tell me can the surgery help againt and prevent constipation
? like if i have sometimes constipation
and after the surgery when they cut 1/3 from the anal fissure can it prevent like constipation
and for me hard push? can it fix it? also please after the surgery i want you guys be real with me how is the pain ? is it like something you can't live with it and its super rough or its fine and even better then the fissure himself? and how long the pain takes ... please guys give me tips of what to do please
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Re: Hello my name is guy

Postby Abu » 07 Sep 2019, 12:26

Hi Jason, I am sorry to hear your story. You will find here lots of helpful information so you came to the right place.
Regarding surgery, this will not affect your constipation in any way. Surgery is to heal the fissure so you can poop without pain. But if don't do something to fix the constipation you will get back to square one even with surgery.
Did you ask your doctor if those pills might cause constipation? Maybe he can change your treatment to something with less impact on digestion.
Tell us more about your diet and why you follow that treatment. Stress which is not properly handled can definitely affect digestion.
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