Hemm or Fissure? Confused

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Hemm or Fissure? Confused

Postby AlexP » 02 Dec 2013, 17:54

I wonder if someone on here can clarify some things for me. I was told by my doc I had a fissure, tho I am still not convinced entirely. I have pretty sharp pain on right side, which also corresponds to the larger of two skin tags I have. My CRS told me I had the skin tags, and they are visible outside, the right one tends to be sore to the touch & irritated sometimes. For the last month, I had the stinging when passing stools, my primary doc did a visual exam on me, thought he saw a fissure, gave me Nifed/Lidocaine creams. Been using them nearly two weeks. So far, not much change. Still having tenderness, sharp pain only when passing BMs, and spotting just after BM.

Last night I began to feel feverish, unwell. I had some throbbing from the right side of my bum yesterday, which I think was related. I'm doing sitz, eating fiber, stool softeners, etc, and applying the ointments.

Is this possible that maybe my doc was wrong and I have just an inflamed skin tag or small Grade I external hemmorhoid? I hear most internal ones don't hurt, guess they could overlap, but I had a polyp removed earlier this year, and noone ever said anything to me about having hemmorhoids, so if I do have them, they must be tiny.

Im just confused. Mostly, I can move around and stuff, and not much if any pain. The major sharp pain just happens mostly when passing stool during BM lasts a few minutes after then subsides. I had blood drawn today to make sure I don't have any stds, so my doctor will be able to tell me that when I see her this week at least. I called an on-call doc last night when I was feeling bad, he said from what I described to him, that it sounded more like a hemm than a fissure.

So based on what I described, does this sound more like a hemm? Is it possible my doc got it wrong? I've been using Nifed/Lido for two weeks, seems it should have started helping more by now. And I've had this over a month now. If anything, the spotting seems to be a bit more frequent than it was. It seems to be coming from the 9o clock position, if you face me, but not 100%.

My gut says maybe it's a inflamed skin tag because if it was a fissure, wouldn't fissure pain be MUCH worse than what I experience. And I can sit for extended periods, with no problem and even move around mostly with no pain much. Occasional throbbing, and I can feel my heartbeat from my butt area too at times when I am more irritated there.

If it is a skin tag or hemm and not a fissure, or a combination, I probably need some Anusol or steroid cream, right? That should stop the spotting and cause the area to heal? I'm seeing my doc again this week for follow up, just really confused.
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Re: Hemm or Fissure? Confused

Postby Ever the Optimist » 04 Dec 2013, 17:09

Hi Alex,
It sounds to me like a second opinion might be wise?
If you still feel confused by your Doc second-time round, then it might be definitely worth considering......
Did your CRS ever internally examine your bottom or did he just note the skin tags?
I'd definitely be wanting some clearer answers too and I think only a good medical professional can give you the proper answers here......
Fresh fissures generally seem to be incredibly painful with long-lasting periods of post BM pain and although people have the same symptoms, they affect everyone in different ways - Some people tolerate pain better than others, so their "pain" might not feel so bad, some bleed a lot, some spot, some don't bleed at all, some "feel" their spasms strongly & others don't recognise them at all - so you could still have a fissure. Is it possible you have perhaps retorn an old one that is reacting to the cream & healing (if related to one of the skin tags, it could be a possibility) and it sounds like you are having some noticeable spasms too? but it may be a combination of issues going on there with the hem & skin tags. However, I'm no professional!...so please ask your GP lots of thorough questions, even better, if you can make contact with your CRS - Good luck in getting a thorough diagnosis on this.
Anusol will only help provide relief with hems and not so much a fissure, but be really careful not to overuse any sort of steroid cream as this can cause further issues. Maybe best to check again with your GP?
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