HI,I'm Esperanza/hope, I might have healed

I think I have healed a chronic anal fissure

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HI,I'm Esperanza/hope, I might have healed

Postby Esperanza » 21 Feb 2017, 23:29

I am 26, married in july 2016, I have had an anal fissure since august 2016. As you can notice, the wedding stress gave me this chronic anal fissure. I have had no bleeding or pain since a week and a half ago, I feel like it has been more, maybe because of how different physically and emotionally I feel. I want to say that the pain during BMs disappeared 3 weeks ago, the bleeding continued intermittently but stopped a week and a half ago. Ive had the same experience of feeling a little better and then having the terrible symptoms again, the soreness and pain. specially during the first month after seeing the CRS. He advised me to reach 30 g of fiber everyday, which I immediately did. The first week the pain and bleeding increased. I messaged the CRS about my concern of having bulky BMs and more pain and bleeding; he said, it's excellente that you have 30 g of fiber everyday, just continue the diltiazem and you will feel relief in arounf 2 weeks, when the cream starts acting.

After a week of using the diltiazem, I felt so much better. But then I would re-tear the wound every week with a bulky BM. The week before seeing the CRS again I had some disease and had diarrhea. I started eating less, still healthy things, but less because of how I was feeling and I immediately improved.

the sickness dissapeared and the diarrhea, and at the same time I was eating more. The same day of my CRS appointment I had bleeding and pain again during the BM. My stools were bigger that day.

The CRS give me little hope of recovery WITH ONLY DILTIAZEM. he offered botox. I decided to continue Diltiazem and reduce the fiber to 20 g a day ( it is important to not have constipation), continue metamucil (10 caps a day) and start colace 3 times a day with each meal. This happened in January 10, although during this moth I was bleeding intermittently, the pain started decresing first and the the bleeding.

I know have a burning and itching sensation on a localized area of my anus edge, I think it can be a Hemorrhoid. But this is nothing compared to the symptoms of the anal fissure. I have also been doing sitz baths three times a day, sitting on a sits bath that fit on the tolilet and I cover it with a toilet cushion (both things I bought in a pharmacy, without the cushion I would feel soreness).

No hard excesise , only Walking (not so fast), avoid squatting, avoid heavy lifting, lots of water. I know it is not easy, I have cried all day long and worry so much and the next day The pain and bleeding have increased or appeared again. Try to relax: Progressive muscle relation videos from youtube are very useful

My name means hope in english! I have lost it too. But I know that God is in control of everything too.

A great hug for you all!
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