I am NEW please I need advice on GTN vs Nifedipine

Is Nifedipine better than GTN?

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I am NEW please I need advice on GTN vs Nifedipine

Postby berzerker5220 » 14 Jul 2019, 05:42

Hi there I have had a chronic fissure now for 4 long months at one time the pain was so bad I almost blacked out it happened when I was constipated and forced a dry hard stool. I went through the normal bowel movement a morning and then at 10 Am during the day I had a massive anal spasm attack that I could swear almost killed me. This went on for 3 months with 3 different doctors prescribing wrong medication for me because they didn't have a clue how to treat an anal fissure, one doctor purposely gave me wrong medication because he wanted me to come back to him so he could milk as much money as he could from me.

Thankfully there is this thing called the internet, I researched for myself what I needed and the internet said GTN 0.2% which I went back and found a nice doctor who gave me a prescription it cost me $45 USD to have 30 grams compounded where I live in the caribbean. I don't have health insurance so I had to pay the full cost of $45 USD

It has worked amazingly however constant dry stool caused it to reopen every single week and tear, now I am on docusate sodium, I didn't want to take it because I feared it wasn't safe long term and I had already taken it for 2 months. But I decided to just buy a whole bottle and take it everyday and be done with it.

My cream is now finished and I need a new prescription the cream last me 5 weeks and I still have blood sometimes but the pain spasm has decreased by atleast 50% I can now sit without constant throbbing pain. I consider this a miracle compared to my previous state. My biggest regret was not taking 0.4% GTN but since I now know I have to use stool softner docusate maybe its good I took 0.2 before and now I can have them give me 0.4%?

HOWEVER I have read an article that claims Nifedipine has a 90% healing rate compared to 38% healing of GTN 0.2% and 56% healing of 0.4% GTN

So given this information is it not better for me to ask for Nifedipine 0.5% as opposed to GTN 0.4%?

Sitz baths were worthless for me I stopped using it as it actually made my condition worse.
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Re: I am NEW please I need advice on GTN vs Nifedipine

Postby North West Jen » 25 Nov 2019, 00:18

Oh interesting, I thought the creams were pretty much the same but were prescribed by different names depending on where you live (us vs uk). I’m glad the creams are working for you. They worked for me until I stopped using them after 6 weeks and the fissure opened back up. So, off to CRS I go to see about LIS.
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Re: I am NEW please I need advice on GTN vs Nifedipine

Postby hurtinend » 25 Nov 2019, 13:51

there is also Diltiazem...another ointment for fissure

These creams are literally the same....they are actually heart medication designed to lower blood pressure

The theory is that applying the ointment lowers the pressure on the anal sphincter, allowing for increased blood flow and healing.

If the GTN was helping then I would stick with it
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Re: I am NEW please I need advice on GTN vs Nifedipine

Postby Nitroglycerin » 29 Nov 2019, 21:26

I found nitroglycerin to work better for me than nifedipine. Nitroglycerin has always given me immediate relief with pressure whereas nifedipine’s time to relief was so long I usually ended up applying nitroglycerin shortly after using nifedipine.
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