I have found my people! Newbie here!

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I have found my people! Newbie here!

Postby Gardengirl88 » 07 Nov 2023, 16:47

Hi guys! I am glad I have found this forum. I hope to find some friends on here to talk to that have BUTT pain in common. :lol:

I have dealt with anal fissures, hemorrhoids, skin tags.. you name it for 13 plus years. As a woman, it sucks not having a pretty booty. :p I got so use to the pain and taking miralax until a year ago, I had a potential abscess form we think that made me go back to the booty dr. Every time he did an examination it would re tear my fissures. :x He offered Botox if the fissure didn’t heal but I just kept up with miralax, sitz baths, and ointment for spasms. It’s been a year since that incident and I feel like although no pain, I almost feel hesitant when trying to have a BM and sometimes it clamps off like my sphincter clamps down. ANYWAYS, I am so reliant on miralax to the point it’s been a year of almost diarrhea and I fear I’m going to develop stenosis. My dr has already put the fear in me of having an anoplasty if I’m not careful. My skin just seems like anything rips it! Anyone else with these issues?

Long story short, if my story sounds anything like yours please reach out! Anyone dependent on miralax and scared to poop :p :cry:

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Re: I have found my people! Newbie here!

Postby pjole » 08 Nov 2023, 03:48


each time I need to go to toilet I have a tension as if I'm going to have an important job interview. I have a nasty habit of loosing discipline over what I eat as time progresses and I start feeling a bit better. My appetite soars and I had pizza the other day. Big mistake! I ended up going 10 times to toilet and I was in agony. Finally, took 200/mgs of Ketoprofen and when pain killer kicked in I felt so releived I thought I was finally in Nirvana.

Life without pain is so precious and we tend to take it for granted.
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Re: I have found my people! Newbie here!

Postby AF3 » 09 Nov 2023, 06:43

Hey Whit,

I've 3AFs and associated skin tags for almost two years now. I am in the UK and it's called Movicol here but I think it's the same as Miralax in the States. Do you take a full sachet? I find that it's too much and have weaned myself down to half a sachet every day. My CRS has told me that diarrhea can make fissures worse and that it's important to have them of a 'solid' consistency, just not dry.

I can relate to that feeling of clamping down - I had that for months on and off - in my case it felt like the gates were shutting right before the BM was trying to come out - and then I would feel pain and 100% sure that there would be a re-tear. That's the spasms coming from the interla sphincter which we can't control but various relaxation techniques nd creams seemed to help. The creams - GTN and Diltaizem did not help past the initial few months of the fissure and once it turned chronic, they did nothing. I find the sitz baths help more mentally rather than anything else, and my CRS has not been too keen on them. But different approaches work for people so I'm always of the view that it's best to try everything!!!

As you've probably seen, we constantly talk about butt pain over here :-) This forum has literally changed my life for the better and I am SO grateful for it. There are lots of success stories as welll, which is something to take strenght from and countless approaches that people have tried and tested. I've learnt a tonne from here.

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