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I’m new AF

Postby HD239 » 06 Aug 2018, 13:00

Hey guys.

I’m brand new, so please if anyone could help me. So I’m 26, from Ireland, now living in the UK.
I’ve had problems with my gy come and go over the years, but since January, and going through something stressful, I started getting bad symptoms. Doctors said I had ibs etc etc. Prescribed some meds, helped to a certain extent and then symptoms came back, went back again to the doctor numerous times, sent me to a gastro doctor but had to cancel the appointment for some reason or another( can’t remeber now) but I md always just put it off when the symptoms would die down.

Anyway, the past couple months I’ve had extreme pain, Doctors said it was piles and to use Anusol, Germaloids, etc. (Bearing in mind, here in Ireland we have to pay for the GP every time we go)

So I moved to the UK about two months ago and just ended up living with my pain day to day, until last week, I couldn’t do it anymore and the pain was so severe I was referred to a surgeon in the hospital. He has prescribed me with Diltiazem cream, twice daily, as well as pain killers and Movicol.

So this is where I need help.... as I was severely constipated, he had initially put me on 3 sachets, then a subsequent two sachets, twice daily, after the third day, I was still straining to use the toilet, so I took an extra sachet. That day my BM were like water, I was feeling very weak, and nauseas. And I think I have developed another two smaller tears (still extremely painful) because of the BM being like water.

This is all so new to me, and I am feeling very lost in myself at the moment. I am failing to see any light at the end of the tunnel. I know everyone is different but is there any time scale on how long it will take me to feel any relief.

Also does anyone have on tips on how I should continue with tbe movicol. I can’t seem to find a balance with my BM.

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Re: I’m new AF

Postby dmcff » 07 Aug 2018, 02:12

Hi - I'm sorry to hear of your pain.

Have you looked at pain management strategies? There are medications that can help - for example, anti-convulsants like pregabalin and gabapentin. It might be worth asking your GP about those. There are also mindfulness techniques like Karl Monahan's massage-based therapy: https://www.thepelvicpainclinic.co.uk/
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Re: I’m new AF

Postby Botoxgirl » 23 Aug 2018, 17:35

Have you tried lactulose? I was put on that to help with regular bms and it worked well. Tastes horrible though (very sickly!) Also I’d say keep up the diltiazem - I’ve been using it for nearly a year and it made a huge difference to my pain after the first month or so.
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