I managed to cure a 1 year old chronic fissure and a fistula

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I managed to cure a 1 year old chronic fissure and a fistula

Postby berzerker52200 » 08 Dec 2020, 19:47

The fussure was really bad, I remember it well nothing not even sitz bath would do squat about it.

Met a CRS here in Trinidad and Tobago at Mt Hope Hospital, he told me take his advice and do sitz bath 3 times a day.

I figured he was clueless as it wasn't actually doing anything and I had just about tried everything, the fissure got infected in a matter of months "Because of dumb advice on this forum from people who told me to not put soap on the fussure, what a DUMB stupid idea, listening to people on the internet was the dumbest thing I could ever do"

Thing got infected, turned into asbcess and fistula and nearly died.

Noway to get surgery or anything even antibiotics was useless.

Took his advice did sitzbath 3 times a day for 4 months straight and evening walking 5 miles a day and ate a clove or garlic every night and ate quick oats cooked with corn meals to keep things soft without the need for any stool softner.

And stuck soap up my ass with my finger everytime I took a sh!t, and washed out the infection to constantly keep it clean and drain out the puss from insidie the anus into the outside.

4 months of this, fissure has completely healed and so to was the abscess and fistula. I can only assume its healed because I can eat anything I want and I get 0 pain, 0 blood and 0 puss.
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Re: I managed to cure a 1 year old chronic fissure and a fis

Postby Vishal » 03 Feb 2021, 05:24

Hey I am from Guyana. It’s great that you healed yourself. Sometimes what works for one person may not work for others. Glad you found a routine that helped you. I had a hard time with my fissure too cause healthcare isn’t the best in Guyana. There’s isn’t any treatment over here for fissure and they only offer surgery. Seems like that was the case with T&T too.
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