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Re: Infected?

Postby Abu » 12 Feb 2019, 23:10

I have read a lot about people struggling with the unbearable pain after fissurectomy. I would find another doctor that can help without relying to this procedure. While there might be some who report no issues, the vast majority state otherwise. Good luck whatever you decide.
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Re: Infected?

Postby missy moo » 12 Feb 2019, 23:23

Let's compare it to childbirth it's been proven that a woman's vagina heals faster and with less complications if the vagina is allowed to naturally tear during childbirth opposed to the doctor cutting the perineum with a straight wound using a sharp downward motion with a blade an artificial wound if you look into this you'll see that a natural tear heals better than artificial tear this is absolutely no different to an anal fissure tear the tear is a natural tear, and if you've built up Scar Tissue I think scar tissue can be quite sensitive or painful and or block up some of the anal opening so stool would rub against it creating pain but if the Scar Tissue was removed the stool would move smoothly past the healed flat scar instead of rubbing on it. also I would never remove the skin tag only hurts when the fisher hurts I've read lots of stories of people regretting having their skin tag removed because it continued to be sensitive or sore spot. my surgeon said he would not remove the skin tag because it's a separate wound which also raises the risk of infection but he would remove it if I requested him to.
missy moo
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Re: Infected?

Postby ttt2018 » 21 Feb 2019, 15:58

Did your round of antibiotics help the abscess?
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Re: Infected?

Postby Talesofmytail » 21 Feb 2019, 21:01

Hey ttt2018. The antibiotics totally helped, but my symptoms came back about a week after stopping them. Super sucks. I'm supposed to have surgery, but for some reason my surgeon isn't phoning back. My pain is a lot less than it was in the beginning. Maybe I'll just live with it. Do you have an infection also?
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