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Intro: New to the Forum

Postby Bluebutterf1y » 07 Apr 2017, 04:42

Good morning everyone,

I'm new to the group and also new to AFs. I have been in quite some pain for over a week. I have suffered with IBS for a number of years, the worst when I was a teenager. I believe at that time I may have had a fissure but I can't say as I did not go to a doctor to get a diagnosis. I just rode it out. (I can't believe I was able to deal with the pain back then.)

I believe my problem started when I gave up coffee for lent. Coffee has always helped to regulate my bm. Once I stopped drinking it, I wasn't regular anymore and found myself holding it till I got home. I also changed my diet due to some concerns about my heart. I began eating nuts, almonds and pistachios mostly, and could feel it was harder to use the bathroom. I could also see that the nuts were not digesting properly in my stool.

I began to notice blood at first with no pain. Then I had pain and it progressed from there. I have called my doctor to only receive a hydrocortisone cream as he couldn't see me. I basically diagnosed myself by googling my symptoms. My gp didn't seem interested in treating me although I called him various times and all he did was recommend a rectal surgeon for me to Google and consult with. (I took that really hard because I really like my doctor.) at first the rectal surgeon didn't have availability until another week from now. But after calling and explaining my condition in a bit more detail, I was moved up to today.

As much as I am relieved to have someone who specializes in this issue, I am terrified of any pain a rectal exam will cause.

Since I've had my fissure I have been eating a lot less out of fear. I drink a ton of water. I had taken stool softners but have been having diarrhea as of late. Not doubt from the stress of all of this. (I am a single mother of three and it's been rough just getttig them together in the morning. I cried when I had my son get on the bus by himself yesterday, he is a special needs child but I was in the bathroom crying in pain. It's been rough.)

I have taken recommendations and have been using coconut oil. I've taken tons of warm baths to the point that I can honestly say I am at the closest to becoming a mermaid than I have ever been. I have also read a ton of what others wrote on this forum. Some of it is giving me more anxiety about it being weeks before I find relief.

I don't think I can do this much longer. I am starving and tired and sad and I just want to not be in pain and see the concern in the eyes of my children when they see me in pain.

I am looking for some support from you all. I am scared. And I could really use support from those who are going through or have gone through the same.


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Re: Intro: New to the Forum

Postby Mypoorbutt » 07 Apr 2017, 05:12

Hi Hun sorry your in pain
The most important thing is to realise that most people with a fissure heal within a few weeks to a month and don't come on boards like this.
It may seem like it will take months...heck mine has been 20 months now lol...but we are the unlucky ones and their is no reason your will be like that.
Get the cream of the CRS today use it as recommended keep up with the hot baths (trust me I was starting to develop gills and fins lol) and try as much as is possible to not have too firm or too loose a stool as diarrhoea can be just as harsh to a fissure as constipation.
The pain a fissure can cause it unbelievable but it is still just a cut that can and will heal given the right circumstances
Don't lose hope I'm sure in a few weeks you will be feeling so much better
Good luck
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