Is the anal pain going to last forever?

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Is the anal pain going to last forever?

Postby SurvivorX » 18 Dec 2016, 14:47

After 6 operations in the area and 2 years of suffering Im asking myself is this horrible pain with my each and every movement ever going to stop or Im going to bear with it until I die. Chronic pain sufferers here - pls advise.
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Re: Is the anal pain going to last forever?

Postby Canadabum » 18 Dec 2016, 17:13

I wish I had a good answer for you..but don't. On a 10 point scale, 10 being the worst...where is your pain at? Has it remained constant over time or does it change.

2 thoughts....1. Keep a pain journal and write down your sensations, reactions, follow on pain, your emotional state that day, good you've eaten etc....perhaps you can find a pattern that will help you identify triggers that make it worse or better. Also may help you see if the pain changes which may indicate change...

2. Check out the book You are not your Pain. Written by two people who suffered major accidents that left them permanently in's a method they developed with coping with chronic pain.

All best - Canadabum
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Re: Is the anal pain going to last forever?

Postby GilmoreGirl » 18 Dec 2016, 20:18

Hey survivorX...I'm so so sorry to hear of your ongoing pain. No one deserves this torture.

Have you looked into seeing a chronic pain specialist? There are doctors that specialize in treating chronic pain, and psychologists that specialize in helping you deal with chronic pain and make life bearable. At the very least, it would be a chance to talk to someone in person who probably understands some of how you're feeling.

Sending you healing thoughts

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