It hurts so bad

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It hurts so bad

Postby Raleigh28056 » 21 Aug 2017, 10:30

I had an anal fissure a few years ago and it healed. The biggest issue at that time was the aching after a bowel movement.

On Aug 8, is when I got this anal fissure. It took a few days before it really flared up. I have been suffering for two weeks now. I did a video doctor visit and was told I needed to see a doctor in person. I went to Urgent Care and this doctor didn't even exam me. Told me to take colace and benefiber (along with water).

The next day I went to my primary care doctor. He took a look and confirmed an anal fissure. He wrote a prescription for .04% Nitroglycerin Ointment. The cost was going to be $600. (I have insurance but it is a high deductible plan). The pharmacy recommended Nifedipine ointment instead. I'm waiting to see if the doctor will write a prescription for that.

I'm taking 3 colace pills a day, ibuprofen around the clock, one dose of miralax daily, benefiber throughout the day, fiber pills, sitz bath 2-3 times a day. Eating lots of beans and fiber rich foods.

Also there is a rash around my rectum. Used A&D ointment on that but throughout the day, it would soak through my pants.

Right now, after each bowel movement there is blood. It is fresh blood and it's not pouring out but it is there.

Bowel movements are uncomfortable but everything has been soft so far, I dread a firm bowel movement.

I guess I'm dealing with the emotional issues right now. I just feel like there is more that could be done (apparently there isn't). The bleeding worries me, the discomfort worries me and as you all know it is a constant awareness.
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Re: It hurts so bad

Postby Payne4me » 21 Aug 2017, 17:48

You might consider an LIS. Had it done by a dr in Wilmington. He is about to move his practice to New Bern. Dr Joe Payne. He saw me on July 3rd. Had surgery on the 6th. While I'm still battling because of my own hard headedness I'm almost out of the pain issue. From what I've read it's the most efficient way to heal the tear. Don't believe that it causes incontinence. Lots of different schools of thoughts on treatment and surgery. Dr Payne had a fissure of his own. He's a general surgeon who specializes in colorectal issues. Great Dr.
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