Large open wound- how to keep clean??

Ow ow ow.

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Large open wound- how to keep clean??

Postby hopefulbutt » 15 Oct 2014, 17:03

Sorry for starting a new thread but anyone can help with this who's had this? My lis doesn't hurt at all but I have a large open wound from abcess draining. How do I clean it? I'm petrified of getting a fistula or even another abcess! To make matters worse I have diarrhea from the many antibiotics I'm on. Crs said don't put anything on it?? Ideas to clean it though? I use a shower head and a bath already but am afraid that's not clean enough
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Re: Large open wound- how to keep clean??

Postby Savaici » 15 Oct 2014, 19:33

Sorry you are in such pain.  I would use a Sitz bath, that you can get at the pharmacy. I found Rite Aid to have the best one. I just fill it from the tap, then clean after use. (do not know what I would do without mine).  They may be done for 15-20 minutes at a time up to every four hours, but at least twice per day.  

The warm soaks also allow for irrigation of the abscess cavity, which will help speed healing. When in the tub, gentle finger pressure can be applied to the skin around the abscess opening to make sure that it is still completely drained.  

Cleansing after bowel movements must be performed gently. Baby wipes can be helpful at getting clean with little trauma. Flushable adult wipes are also available.    

Avoid any “medicated wipes” as these may contain witch hazel or alcohol.  They will cause discomfort. Wiping can be avoided all together if one goes directly to the warm soaks after a bowel movement. Nothing needs to be added to the water. Bubbles, oils, or Epsom salts may be added if this improves your comfort or sense of cleaning. The water should not be so hot as to risk a burn injury.

I hope they have said to come back to make sure a fistula does not form. 
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