lis on wednesday

spasms have died down a little no jynx yet

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lis on wednesday

Postby Jamesscott96 » 06 May 2017, 09:30

im booked for wednesday started feeling a slight recovery about 2 months back , spasms and discomfort were always there . i have had for 7 months 5 months paralised couldnt walk ( as longer than 5 mins the stinging would get worse and worse ) i can do that now atm without feeling to uncomfy i have been slowly slowly recovering
im 21 going nhs , male well built . eat fibre etc sometimes im naughty have a bag skittles or something sweet

but trying not to do that regularly i have been drinking a ton of water as found it makes me more comfy slightly. but i need to go every 10 mins or 20 lol , as i said before tho it was so bad in past that couldnt walk at all . i was like zombie now im ok with minor discomfort where as before it was a scale of 5 discomfort now its about 4 worst after bm its bad but after about 8 hours its better. before i couldnt lay on my back as i would feel it pulsing. like a heartbeat, then somenights it went to weird horrible tingle feeling now its just feels slightly weird

will lis make this a walk in the park for me now then? i also will continue to eat lots of fibre and drink tons of water ( sometimes bottled water which has magnesium in it ) so i try not to retear bad. my poo has been generous because of my diet . its almost like squits lol but not if you get me, i dont understand bristol scale lol

no straight away pain , also get the burning every now then and pinch feeling
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