LIS Surgery a week ago - Small bump?

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LIS Surgery a week ago - Small bump?

Postby beninle » 04 May 2021, 11:42

Had LIS a week ago, pain has been OK for the most part, BMS are a bit stingy, but I don't have severe spasms after just lingering pain for a while after and during.

When I first looked I noticed I had a little potruding fleshy bump coming from the rectum, could this be a hemaroid? It doesnt hurt to touch as such, kinda looks like a hemaroid but isn't very red, more pinky. Could this be from the trauma of the surgery or straining from my first poop?

It doesn't really seem to be changing in size or shape but pain overall is decreasing so no pain killers today, even though I can feel it.

I've had no discharge, no loose stools or gas... etc so this worries me that the surgery wasn't a success as i thought these are all good signs the surgery went well and released alot of pressure. My main issue was high resting pressure so I always strained when pooping, and needing to watch my diet so closely as bowel movements were coming out very squashed.
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Re: LIS Surgery a week ago - Small bump?

Postby Rich44 » 07 May 2021, 23:55

I'll be direct here - tell your CRS what is going on. It almost sounds like a skin tag.

By the way, what do you mean severe spasms after a BM? Were you having those prior to the LIS? And you are still having them? Were you told it could be levator ani?
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