LIS Surgery

Are you having, or have you had a Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy (LIS)? Please share your experiences here, or ask any questions.

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Re: LIS Surgery

Postby missy moo » 26 Jan 2021, 16:44

Thank you. Me too fingers crossed, it would be nice to enjoy one of my babies while they are little.
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Re: LIS Surgery

Postby Stef2020 » 12 Feb 2021, 09:35

Hello all

Thought I would just do a quick update.

It has been 4 weeks today since my surgery. It continues to go well, no pain / just slight feeling still when I go to the toilet.

I saw my surgeon for a follow up after 2 weeks who agreed that it sounds like all is going well. I asked how long it would take for everything to fully recover inside and he said 6 to 8 weeks so I am continuing to be extra careful until then (and I am sure forever more too!). I am still taking laxatives and don't plan to stop anytime soon.

Surgeon confirmed there was a cut, although it was very small and insignificant at 6oclock position. The lump at 8oclock was removed and sent for testing was came back clear. He made his incision for the LS at 3oclock and fingers crossed, it seems to have done the job!

Couldn't be more grateful and happy that its finally coming to an end and I can enjoy my life without the worry of when my next episode is going to be.

For those out there, struggling with this everyday menace, from my experience I  would seriously consider the LIS. I know it won't work for everyone, I know there are horror stories and I know surgery isn't something we should jump to but with such a high success rate i really think its worth trying.

I have been there and tried every single potion and lotion, spent money on 'creams that will cure', liquid diets, positive thinking that I will defeat it, spent endless days scrolling through forums for advice, crying into my pillow, hours in baths and ultimately missing out on valuable time watching my children grow up.

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