Lost and confused

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Lost and confused

Postby Hopeless » 08 Aug 2015, 14:23

I recently gave birth to my beautiful baby boy 11 weeks ago. 3 weeks after I had a pain that I've never felt before when having a bowel movement as well as bleeding. For the next 2 weeks I thought I had a fissure and needed to make an appt with my OB. She diagnosed it as a hemorrhoid, said there was no tear. But that pain was excruciating when she stuck her finger up my [email protected]@.
A few weeks later I had to go back and get another opinion. My primary said it was definitely a fissure. So for the past 3 weeks now I have been dealing with my fissure and using Nitroglycerin 2 times/day. But my mistake I used the nitro more than 2x a day, which I guess makes it not work? So now I'm back to using it twice every 12 hours. Its been horrible. I also try to take a sitz bath after every bowel movement.
I breastfeed my little one so I try to get enough water in my diet but I guess its not enough.. Its hard to remember when it's only me home when my boyfriend is at work and no help to watch my son but I. Its also hard because before I have to go I feel it coming and my body gets tense which upsets my son, so I have to leave him in his room crying while I deal with the pain.. :cry: I can't even take a bath because I need to rush back to my son. I feel like such a horrible mommy. I need to focus on my son but its hard when I have to deal with this.

Oh and my diet is poor. Ive barely ate since I gave birth and thats not really changing. I get a meal or two in a day only because my boyfriend needs to eat. I've been avoiding red meats, dairy, carbs, and trying to eliminate processed foods and sugars.
Two days ago I bought benefiber and colace, so I'm hoping its going to get better. I've taken my benefiber this morning as well as 2 colace but I haven't had a bowel movement today and it's already 12 pm. My last one was almost 24 hours ago.. I'm so nervous for when it's going to come. Luckily my sphincter isn't throbbing or showing any pain at the moment, but I know once I go it'll go back to hurting again :cry:
Please tell me it gets better.. My boyfriend doesn't really understand. He just says I need to get through with it and wait for it to heal. He's never witnessed a pain like this so easier said then done. Its as if I'm pooping out shards of glass. I'm so close to wanting LIS but I'm not sure how that'll affect breastfeeding my son :(
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Re: Lost and confused

Postby hurtinend » 08 Aug 2015, 18:52

Way too soon to consider LIS

Diet, you say it's poor, so.....fix it, proper nutrition will work better than any pill from the drugstore

You must eat, your body needs it, eat the right things and drink, only herbal tea and water, lots of both

I wish you healing
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Re: Lost and confused

Postby msimon » 15 Aug 2015, 02:38

Hi Hopeless. Welcome to the forum. Glad you found this place. There is a lot of information and support on here.

I am so sorry to hear of your struggles. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be dealing with a newborn, let alone also a horrid fissure. There have been many on here that have struggled with a fissure while breastfeeding, there definitely seems to be a relationship there. It sounds like you are doing all the right things. If you are having trouble keeping your BMs soft, it seems that there is nothing quite like Miralax. Many on here have been able to heal using it.

The ointments can be very helpful too. They can be used 3 times/day but are usually prescribed 2 times/day. If you find the one you have is not helping then you could try one of the others (nifedipine, diltiazem or nitro are the three prescribed). You have to give it a good 6 weeks though before you know if it's going to work or not. These things can take so long to heal. Have you tried using a heating pad or hot water bottle to ease the pain when you don't have time for a bath? The heat can ease the spasms as well as promote healing. I hope you are feeling better. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
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