Mid-recovery I hope - let's discuss the future?

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Mid-recovery I hope - let's discuss the future?

Postby btn » 14 Sep 2016, 20:48

My situation - have had AF/Hem off and on but very minor for years. Never knew how bad it can get until last month. Took a very long vacation, long flights, change of conditions, bus tours and progressively got worse. Just my luck was misdiagnosed as Hem when it was a case of AF. Now in my 2nd week of Nitro, bed rest, sitz baths, stool softeners and diet/hydration management. Acute spasmic week 1 pain after BM mostly gone but still discomfort and very little room for being active (lying down all the time sucks but most comfortable, walking around the house and 15 min in I am bothered with pressure and itch/burns). Keeping fingers crossed that I am on the mend, will report back in a week.

In the meantime in the spirit of optimism - can I get your feedback if you've recovered. If so here are some questions

- what were the signs of progress, healing. I know every case is different - but would love to know
- (can't find any literature) if i recover can i get back to a normal life - I was very active (sports/walking/travel) - do people return to being normal physically beyond staying on top of diet, hydration and BM's

Open to other topics to discuss on the way to recovery! Thanks
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Re: Mid-recovery I hope - let's discuss the future?

Postby Mypoorbutt » 15 Sep 2016, 02:15

Hi btn,
Sorry to hear you have been suffering. I am a long way off from recovery and will be going in for LIS in November. But all I can say is during the worst spasms I was pretty much housebound but as soon as they stopped I went back to the gym and went swimming again although I can't do my usual 65 laps because if I stay in longer than 30 mins the chlorine does dry out the fissure, I have found that getting out of the house and trying to be as active as I once was while also being sensible help me a lot mentally. Also I have accepted there are certain foods I will never eat again.
Like you after 15/20 mins of walking/standing round the house I would get stinging n burning but found when I went for a proper walk that didn't happen and the walking itself eased the pain.
Like you say everyone is different but we can't let the fissure win
Hope you have a speedy recovery
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