Multiple superficial fissures

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Multiple superficial fissures

Postby Justbehealthy » 25 Jun 2018, 18:42

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty new to this forum but I’ve been suffering from these fissures for close to 1 year now. It all started about 1 week after I gave birth to my baby. I had a very difficult delivery followed by extreme blood loss. I ended up having 3 surgeries (one of them being a c-section). To say the least, I’m lucky to be alive. Recovery went progressively well. I had to take antibiotics for about 2 weeks and I know my system was in fight or flight mode for a long while after all that. I think all the stress on my body took part in me developing my first fissure at 1 week post-partum. It got so bad, after attempting to heal it on my own for 2 weeks, I ended up at the clinic to ask for nitro. The doctor gave me the prescription and although it helped to heal the initial fissure, I began realizing that I had multiple ones. The fissures would heal, new ones would show up. Months and months passed. I saw a general surgeon and was prescribed different creams. They seemed to help make the fissures heal a bit quicker but they never entirely left. After 3 appointments with this doctor and a bit of an improvement (I think), I decided to take a break and see if time is what my body needed. The more time passed, the more I realized I was going in circles and needed help dealing with them. I booked another appointment with the surgeon. She recommends trying Botox. I am getting it done in July. Through all this time, I was really worried of the possible cause of these fissures. I have no history of Chrohn’s in my family and have no symptoms. Because I received blood transfusions after having my baby, I had blood tests at 3 and 7 months post-partum to rule out any diseases. They were all negative. The amount of fissures I have at one time varies from 1 to 8. My surgeon isn’t worried about the multiple fissures. They are superficial, last about 2 weeks (up to 4 for some) and leave. Sometimes the slightest larger bm causes a tear while other times I have a bm that is larger then usual and nothing tears. I don’t understand why I have this happening. I have no indication of having any skin issue and have never dealt with these before. Has anyone dealt or is presently dealing with multiple fissures? It’s nice to feel not so alone in these times!
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Re: Multiple superficial fissures

Postby patience_and_healing » 30 Jun 2018, 22:17

It sounds really frustrating to not be able to find a solution to this painful problem. Have you had a consultation with a dermatologist to make sure it's not a skin issue? Also, this thread might be helpful for you. post116811.html?hilit=Estrogen#p116811. It's a discussion on using estrogen cream to heal.
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