My Anal Fissure Story

(Please Read, I Need Advise)

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My Anal Fissure Story

Postby JPittman » 09 Jul 2015, 23:22

Sorry if it's a long story, would really appreciate it if I got some advise back.

Anyway, last week on Tuesday when I would go use the restroom I noticed blood in the toilet and on the paper, this followed up for three days. But on the third day, pooping became so painful and hard, and more blood came out. Last time I pooped, was on 4th of July...I told myself I wouldn't poop until I would see a doctor on Monday. Over the weekend, I noticed puss around my anus. When I visited the Doctor, he told me I had a hemorrhoid and prescribed me hydrocortisone cream and said the pus was normal in my case. After googling home remedies, I decided to soak in warm water. It helped, my butt relaxed and felt much better. (I then put my hydrocortisone cream). I got little to no pain or until the cream effects wear off. However, yesterday for the first time after not pooping for a while my stomach felt terrible. I felt like all that gunk was gonna come out one way or another so I decided to finally go to the ER and let them do whatever they needed to do, anything to relieve me from this pain. However, after waiting 6 hours in the waiting room the DR just gave me Pain Killers for my butt (which works beautifully, lol) and stool softeners. He also said I did not have a hemorrhoid, but rather an anal fissure and that's why I puss was coming out. But I haven't pooped yet. I'm more scared of the fact that I haven't pooped in almost a week now. I've thought about doing an enema, I know someone on here (with an anal fissure as well) did an enema and it worked wonders for them. I would just like to know what you guys think? Or if any of you have any other remedies. I'm really over this whole thing, I miss the toilet. Please help. Thank you :cry:
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Re: My Anal Fissure Story

Postby hurtinend » 10 Jul 2015, 20:32

All I can tell you is that you must keep pooping, and the painkillers will put your bowels to sleep so you must combat that with stool softeners, enema, super fruit smoothies or even laxatives

If you have not pooped in 6 days the I would do a fleet enema, available at all drug stores, follow instructions, hold it in as long as you can

All the best
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