My fissure healed but now I’m at crossroads

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My fissure healed but now I’m at crossroads

Postby Tiesto81 » 05 Jun 2022, 22:27


I came across this forum after doing a search on hemorrhoid treatment. I recently had a fissure that came up as a result of a thrombosed hemorrhoid I experienced in March. Unfortunately, my hems are large enough to where my colorectal surgeon has recommended surgery a few times now despite not really dealing with pain or prolapse (I did have a lot of blood loss last year which made me anemic before I got banding done).

When the fissure came up I asked for nifidepine since I had one many years and this cleared it up. Even when not healed, I’d say the pain was about a 3 out of 10. Unfortunately, it is healed and I don’t experience any pain but it didn’t heal properly and has formed a surface level fistula.

I’m now at a cross roads as to whether I want to do anything about it. My surgeon said the only way it can really be fixed is through surgery, at which point she strongly recommends that I get the hemorrhoidectomy she’s been recommending since they will be dealing with that area anyways and the surgery to repair the fistula will be painful at is.

Alternatively, I can just live with the fistula as is if it’s not bothering me (along with the hemorrhoids). I’m conflicted. I’m self conscious of how things look down there mainly due to the hemorrhoids but I’m terrified of the surgery after all the horror stories. I had a polyp excised near the nerve line many years ago and that was excruciating so I have some semblance of the pain but that was one excision and this would be much worse. I guess I’m just not certain what I should do.
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Re: My fissure healed but now I’m at crossroads

Postby patience_and_healing » 05 Jun 2022, 23:52

Hi there, personally I don't like to be talked into doing extra procedures by doctors, especially if the hemorrhoids aren't really bothering you right now. Removing them is not without risk, one of the risks being anal stenosis. I don't think it's healthy to live with a fistula, and I strongly recommend a second opinion. I hope you figure out the best path for yourself.
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