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My Healing Diary

Postby PainSucks » 12 Dec 2017, 14:52

On 12/1/17 I had a Fissurectomy and hemorrhoidectomy done, this is my recovery diary.

Got a text from my pharmacy saying I have 2 new scripts ready, 1 for 10 days supply of 5MG Oxycontin and Flagyl, OOOOPS!!! I am allergic to Flagyl so called my CRS and he changed the antibiotic.

Take last of daily meds and multivitamin at 0500 and a dose and a half of MiraLAX at 1900.

Arrive at hospital at 0730, check in, go to room and until 0900 have CRS, Nurse, Anesthesiologist and various other people come in and talk to me. 0845 transport comes and takes me to the OR. Back on table, arms stretched out to my sides, they put a wide "belt" on my hips and secure me to the table. I assume my ass is going to go into the air?! The Anesthesiologist puts a needle into my arm and says he is going to put something on my tongue so I don't choke on it since I have sleep apnea.... was trying to figure out the classic rock song that they were playing and then I was out cold.... Next thing I remember it was 1100 and I was waking up in recovery. At about 1130, I was discharged. Wife took me home and I relaxed the rest of the day. My CRS said not to hold anything in and let it out and you will heal faster, so at about 1700, my wife took off the packing on my ass, and I had my first BM. (she started crying for me cause I was soooo bruised, she knew I was going to be in pain), No problem what so ever since whatever they injected into my ass to numb it, was still in full effect. What a strange feeling! I was starting to feel a bit of pain so I took a 5mg Oxy. Come 2030, I was still in pain, since my next dose was at 2100, and it was Friday, I call my CRS answering service to ask if I can double my next dose, that I did and felt good. Cant' really pee... Can't empty my bladder fully, nor can I cut my pee off mid stream.

Checked the report on my CPAP machine (which I do every morning) and my Apneas were so high!! What bothered me was the Central Apneas were really high, which turns out the opioid relaxes you so much, your body doesn't send the signal to breath... Damn, I was doing really well with my sleep apnea.... So if you have sleep apnea and you are given opiods for pain, ALWAYS use your machine!!!

Don't remember when I had a BM, but boy was it a strange feeling!!!! The best I can describe it is throwing up from your rear! When you vomit, your stomach spasms to get the crap out, well this is the same feeling I had when I had a BM, something spasamed, forced my stool and urine out, such a weird feeling, but hey, it did not hurt to poop, only afterwards! Only time I can empty my bladder is after I have a BM, then in the shower I can pee... Guess it is from everything being swollen. Doubled the Oxy in the AM and in the PM. Changed the gauze at least 4 times during the day, and took 4+ hot baths. No daily meds, only MiraLAX at 1900

Same as the day before, pain throughout the day, double dose pain med, AM and PM. gauze has blood, discharge and brown stuff. I really want to pee fully and have a BM without spasms....

NOTE TO SELF******* DO NOT EAT CORN!!!!!!! IT COMES OUT WHOLE AND HURTS LIKE HELL!!! Never even thought not to eat corn... jeesh. Started taking Advil with the oxy and it helps a bit more. Pain and everything stay the same...

The baths throughout the day are nice, but I had my wife pick up a shower head with a hose. From this point forward, after every BM, jump in the shower and use shower head to rinse off. Starting to pee a bit more!!!

Pain is getting better, doesn't hurt so much after a BM and the spasm during the BM is diminished! Blood and discharge is getting better. I can almost pee normally!!! I can stop the pee mid stream now!

Same as day before. My PC muscle is still a bit sore.

Did not need Oxy at all during the day! Just took Advil. Wife takes pics of my ass every day/other day and noticed a loop of stitches coming out of my ass, I have her cut them. I feel amazing!

First day taking my Adderall and the Diuretic (I didn't take the Adderall since it shrinks blood vessels and my ass needs all the blood it can get. Snowed last night, out cleaning the cars off. Pain is a 2 out of 10, feel amazing. Started putting triple antibiotic on my ass.

No Oxy, No Advil during the day.... All I can say is holy crap do I feel great! Minor discharge on gauze, I can fully empty bladder, and BMs are no issue. The gauze does not seem to want to stay between my cheeks... Guess that is a good thing meaning the major swelling went down!

12/11 - 12/12/17
Each day is better the the day before!!! Discharge is good... Only get the dark discharge when I fart... smelled the gauze and sure enough, it smelled like poop. If I don't fart, I don't get the dark discharge.

Have a followup with my CRS on 12/19/17, and am sure he will clear me for work. Have to go to my jobs medical clinic on 12/20/17 to then get cleared to go back to work, hope they let me go back to work. I have 90 days paid sick leave, but I am ready to go back to work!!

So far, the surgery is the best thing that I did!!! Even if I have pain here and there for the next few weeks, it is nowhere near the severity pre op!!! I can deal with the discharge and minor pain.... If you want pics, I will post my healing pics...
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Re: My Healing Diary

Postby Lizinpink » 13 Dec 2017, 02:25

Sounds positive!!!
I had no idea that your butt was in the air during the op!
Feels amazing to just feel normal doesn't it like before the days of butt issues began
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