my intro & LIS 36 hours ago

what do I eat? how long is recovery? Etc.

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my intro & LIS 36 hours ago

Postby Yikes » 14 Aug 2014, 17:17

Hello from Chicago. I am male, turned 60 two weeks ago, am married. I usually am a very "up" person. I have undergone 7 years of non-stop health crises, one malady after another. You name it, I've had it or had it happen to me. Working full time in very high pressure job (Prosecutor and trial attorney for 30+ years), wife works in an even higher pressure job than mine; one child (28), with cerebral palsy whom we fully support and who lives 2 blocks from us so we see her daily, and concurrent with the onset of the fissures, etc., I buried both my parents for whom wife and I were caregivers for past 5 years or so. I mention all this as one of the things I would like to determine is the role that stress plays in the onset and the healing (or lack thereof) pertinent to the anal issues discussed on this board. I've had more than my share of stress in life and always strive to understand the ramifications of that stress. Main thing to know, though, is that all my "maladies" have involved pain. I've been dealing with both chronic and traumatic pain for years. I have to tell you that the pain I'm experiencing is as bad as any I've ever known, including a pinched nerve in my spine at L2-L3 and botched ankle surgery two years ago in which a "top" surgeon not only cut through an artery but also two nerves! Hence, my name on this Board, "Yikes."

I've had two "M.I.s" (heart attacks) 12/09 and 5/13; both resulted in 2 relevant things: first, I have modified and re-modified and changed my diet so that I have become one of the healthiest eaters around. Lost 100 pounds since '09 so that I am right where doctors and nutritionists want me. Vegetarian except for fish which is my preferred protein base. (and yes, I avoid the mercury and other contaminates by following all the expert advice on the subject). First thing I did do was give up beef, cheese and other "dense" proteins as I recognized that I was having increasing amount of trouble digesting and moving them through the colon. From there my diet got healthier and healthier. Now I'm all fruits, veggies, nuts and whole wheats. Lot of good that all did me as far as the fissures came on me anyway. Plus I exercised as ordered; however, my exercise regimes have been constantly interrupted due to physical limitations on activity due to illness or, more likely, the accompanying pain.

Besides the change in diet, the other change in my life post heart attacks was the introduction of lots of new drugs into my system. I became a daily taker of diltiazem and other heart and blood drugs which cumulatively thinned my blood to dangerous proportions, as well as an occasional nitro glycerin for angina(chest pain from constriction). Those two drugs are probably recognizable to readers here.

After the usual course of medications alternative to LIS, I had the surgery Tuesday (today is Thursday). Had a BM as soon as I got home and holy cow did it hurt, as much as any BM over a fissure in the past 3 months, if not more so. I've been with my Internist for 25+ years; he has been treating me for Auto Immune Disease which manifests itself in very painful ways. Consequently, as my doc knows and trusts me I have very strong painkillers, (morphine varieties) which I have been taking regularly since the surgery/BM. In the past 48 hours the pain killers have only taken the edge off the pain, not nullified it.

(One other thing I would like to add, if anybody is bothering to read this far, is that unlike my Internist, Cardiologist, Rheumatologist and other docs I see, I found my GI doc and the surgeon remarkably unhelpful when it came to answering questions (I have lots of them when it comes to medicine) and explaining why and how medications did and did not help, and in particular why no other solution has been developed other than LIS.)

That's enough background about me.

I'm posting because I am at a complete loss as to what to now eat. I am extremely adverse to the pain I experienced from the BM. I don't want to have to move anything through my system that will aggravate the healing process, both of the incision as well as the underlying fissures (I have more than 1). When I was diagnosed with the fissures I also was diagnosed with other problems including internal hemroids and diverticulosis so I have to cut out nuts and other items I've been relying on in my post-meat eating diet. (And, no, I didn't overindulge in nuts -- I was very sensible in my consumption).

Since the surgery I've been only consuming liquids and "soft" foods. I do not want a hard stool. Has eating that way been a mistake? Can a better diet be suggested?

I have lots of other questions, about things that I can't wrap my brain around. Am I the only one who simply can't sit because of the pain it induces? I haven't been able to sit for more than 10 minutes since I first developed the fissures and I have not been able to sit at all since the surgery. How long will this post surgery pain continue? How long before I feel like the fissures are healing as a result from the surgery? I've been ordered to take Sitz baths 3x daily and after each BM. I found that those soakings only resulted in MORE pain than less prior to surgery (I think spreading my anus made the pain much worse--is that common?); I've only been able to endure 2 sitz baths since surgery, opting instead for long showers letting the water run over the affected areas rather than soak them in it. Is that a mistake? I reason that if the soakings are causing me so much more pain they can't be good for me. Then, again, I should mention that I had more pain each time I applied the Rectiv or the suppositories in the pre surgery days.

Of course, my questions are concerned more with my current condition (immediately post surgery)rather than long term maintenance. If I survive this period of my life I will of course turn my attention to a preventive diet and exercise program which will not facilitate a reoccurrence of the fissures (providing they heal of course)

I looked on line for a while trying to find advice on post LIS surgery but have been unsuccessful. So, I turned to this site. I haven't read all the postings yet, but though I'd cut to the chase and ask the members of this group.

Let me express my appreciation in advance for any who take the time to reply to this posting. Time is valuable and I appreciate any spent on me!
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Re: my intro & LIS 36 hours ago

Postby mmklinemm » 14 Aug 2014, 19:47

Welcome, Yikes! You've definitely been through a lot, but hopefully you're finally on the path to healing. I have not had LIS, so I can't help with your surgery-specific questions. There are some foods that help give me the soft, formed stools that limit my fissure pain. They get tiresome after a while, but I'd rather be bored than in pain.

Wake up: Wheatgrass powder mixed with 2 oz juice and 6 oz water.
Breakfast: Oat bran porridge (oat bran, ground flax seed, raisins, cinnamon, coconut milk, coconut oil, topped with honey)
Lunch: Hummus, egg salad, or tuna salad with cucumbers and whole grain rice/flaxseed crackers, or a salad. Something along those lines.
Dinner: Usually sweet potatoes and pecans doused in coconut oil, with a side of brown rice and quinoa, and/or salad. I sometimes have very soft chicken or fish.
Snack before bed: Watermelon.

I always end my day with a huge bowl of watermelon. I read a post on here about having your last meal be something easily digestible, like melons. I've no idea if it does anything, but I love it. I figure it can't hurt and gives me something enjoyable with which to end my day. I snack on pecans each day. They're soft and I chew them very well. So far, they haven't hurt me. I haven't attempted any other variety of nuts out of fear. When I need a calorie/fiber/protein boost, I eat a serving of natural peanut butter. I found a brand (Crazy Richard's on the East coast, Krema on the West coast) that is super finely ground. It has more protein and fiber than others available. They sell the Crazy Richard's brand at my local Ingles, and Amazon carries Krema. For a treat, I like Clif Kids organic chewy granola bars or coconut milk ice cream. I also drink 100+ oz of water each day. Many here swear by Miralax. I find I don't need it as long as I drink my water, take a magnesium citrate supplement, and eat about 30g of fiber each day.

I find sitz baths uncomfortable, too. The only way I can tolerate them is with my feet on a stool and relaxing back onto the raised toilet lid. I usually just take a hot bath, instead.

I hope my advice can help you in some way. I wish you a speedy recovery, Yikes!!
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Re: my intro & LIS 36 hours ago

Postby Roidsfizzman » 14 Aug 2014, 19:56

Hi Yikes,

Welcome to site. I am a 64 year old male. I am post LIS about 3 months.

The reason for the sitz bath is to get blood flow in the fissure area to help the healing, so you should continue if possible. I understand your concern with the pain as pre LIS I also got more pain from the hot bath. Everyone's diet is different on how we react to foods. Most doctors recommend a high fiber diet for fissures. The goal of a high fiber diet is to keep regular and to keep the stools soft. You should be targeting one or two soft BM's per day. Your Fish, veggies and fruit diet is excellent if it works for you. The concern with too much fiber is the stools get to large and more difficult to pass.

My doctor recommended that I use no creams or suppositories in the area post LIS, and you need to be careful with taking a lot of the strong pain meds as they can cause hard stools. Once you do not need the strong pain meds, I would recommend start using the over the counter pain meds. You should feel some pain relief after 4 or 5 days post LIS. You do not note taking any stool softener like MiraLax as you should be taking a stool softener. You should also be drinking over 64OZ of water each day.

I wish you the best
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