MY success story!

Please help others by posting your success story here. Tell us what worked for you, before you move on with your fissure-free life!!

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MY success story!

Postby ButtQueen » 03 May 2014, 22:30

I am going to post my own 6 months' journey and the healing process soon. Got a LOT on my hands right now. Will jot down the whole story in a day or two. Good luck to everyone :afsmile:
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Re: MY success story!

Postby MelCas » 23 May 2014, 18:44


Hi Everyone

I feel that it is time to share my story as I spent so many hours on here wishing I could be one of the 'cured' people!

I have suffered for near on 3 years and tried most things Fibre tablets fruit etc, Aloe Juice (disgusting) Miralax (worked for a while but stacked weight/water) Botox 3 times (last session was July 2013)

So the botox worked for 3 months then it would come back (ouch)

I kind of just got used to the pain sometimes good sometimes not so good

When it all changed .. Last November I brought Proactol (it's so kind of fat binder) I don't actually know if the weight loss part works but what I do know is I haven't had a fissure since taking it! I take 3 tablets after my lunch and sometimes after a big dinner. If I forget them for a few days the nagging feeling is there not a full on fissure pain no way but the scar tissue reminds me to get the tablets down me.

I'm not saying this will work for you but it seems to be doing the trick so I will keep taking them and I can enjoy life again without running scared from the toilet.
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