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Postby DogMama2 » 27 Jul 2016, 15:42

Hey everyone. I am not sure if this is where I post or if I am supposed to post elsewhere but I was told yesterday I had a superficial fistula and would need a seton. dr said no big deal and was basically out the door. I have been in total panic mode ever since. I have cried just about every hour reading horror stories.
I noticed my fistula about 2 months ago thinking it may have just been a hemorrhoid. Twas not so here I am.
I have nearly 2 pages of questions and scheduled a second appointment. I also told the nurse that while she does this daily I don't and im scared and she is insensitive.
Anyway, a few of my major concerns regarding the seton are as follows. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
1. How bad does it really hurt? And is it the incession, the seton itself irritating your skin, or the opening up the bum so wide to do the work?
2. how much drainage should I expect? I currently have about 1 drop a day, maybe 2 drops of pus and blood on a bad day.
3. Women, how did you bandage it? a piece of gauze of does it drain so much you need a full pad?
4. I read that it has a horrible odor. currently I dont' have that so im wondering why would it change?
5. how big is in incision?

I feel like my dr just glossed over it but im so scared and nervous. I have a very understanding boyfriend but I am not looking forward to telling him hey hun,..... going to have an oozy but or a few months.
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Postby Savaici » 28 Jul 2016, 22:33

:wel: to the forum!

Do have a read through the Fistula success stories, or do a search for anything you'd like to know, using the search above between FAQ and Portal. You can search by topic there. I have not had this surgery, so all I can suggest that you try not to worry. We have had those on here who have had all sorts of different surgeries, and 99.99% recover and get on with their lives. Doctors are notoriously uncommunicative, but in the end, you just need he or she to be good at what they do!! Feel free to come back and rant. We're here to listen. :smilyhug:
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