Need help -- Question about hemorrhoid pain and banding, etc

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Re: Need help -- Question about hemorrhoid pain and banding,

Postby Myitzu » 21 Feb 2016, 16:21

I have suffered from internal hemorrhoid but GPs didn't say properly that I have hemorrihoid but they didn't see anything at outside, it has been almost 6 months now. First time, I found blood spot over tissue, so I've seen with GP and gave me cream and suppository and felt better but happened again atlesat each month. I have seen GP again and that time, he did physical exam with finger and same medication. I have tried Chinese medicine but not working for me. Last time, GP referred to specialist but I am still waiting to see specialist. I have read a lot review, doing research and found that internal hemorrhoid didn't feel pain but for me, when I had bowel movement, I felt tight and a small pain for first stool to come out. These days, I take daflon 500mg two tablets per day and drink water, eat fruit and nuts, warm bath and no blood issue but still I feel pain and feel tight while I do bm. But I can sit, walk, work but feel uncomfortable from my butthole. I don't know the issue till I see with specialist, if someone has similar pain, feeling as I am, please please advice me and let me know why this happened, I have lost 10kg within 6months with this pain.
Thanks and greatly appreciated.
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Re: Need help -- Question about hemorrhoid pain and banding,

Postby Anemone2 » 07 May 2016, 02:05

HarleyGirl wrote:Hello friends....I have had doctors say that the internal hems can't cause pain like this. My pain is excruciating, debilitating, and totally unbearable which has affected every aspect of my life since mid-October 2013. My pain is inside the rectum, down the tailbone, under the tailbone, and sometimes it hurts down my butt cheeks. doctor I saw two weeks ago did tell me that the swelling and inflammation of the internal ones DOES cause severe anal spasm. So although the hemorrhoid itself isn't painful, the spasms caused by the swelling can be excruciating. Something FINALLY made sense to me! I am an RN and like all nurses, we need specific answers. I am still recovering but starting to get a little more hopeful that we can all get through this. I hope this helps.

Your post has me wondering if I am feeling spasms. Four years ago I had a fissure which took some months to heal, and after a recent course of very strong antibiotics I've been left with a new fissure. After a couple of weeks of going it alone (as I felt I was an expert following previous experiences) I realised I couldn't, so went to my family doctor. She said she could see a new fissure but also inflamed hemorhoidal tissue (internal hemorhoids?) she sent me away with proctofoam, which although stung on first use, settled and I thought I was starting to feel better. This all changed on the Monday when I had to sit at work for 8 hours and also hold a bowel movement for a couple of hours because I felt I couldn't go at work. Since then it's not been good and I've been at home. I stopped the foam as I started to feel sore all the time. I saw my doctor again on Thursday and she could see little difference but agreed I should stop the foam. She has referred me, but on calling the clinic it's unlikely I'll get an appointment until June.
I've tried Manuka honey and aloe Vera and have regular sitz baths. I was using a heat pad but although this is good for a fissure I'm not sure it's good for hemorhoids so stopped that. I'm pretty much sore all the time but have started to feel it more inside, with a dragging feeling a little while after a bm, although a bm doesn't sting any more at the time.
Right now I can feel the fissure as my doctor pointed out where it was so I know that's it, but I also get sore I side too and just don't know what to do.
I got up at 3am in pain and was overthinking things, so much so that I was on the verge of driving to the ER, but after reading some of the posts on this feed I think it's probably spasms. I'm just feeling so helpless and want to get on with my life :(
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Re: Need help -- Question about hemorrhoid pain and banding,

Postby Madmoo14 » 30 Jul 2018, 15:32

I’m wanting to know iif anyone had piles banded I’m due to go on holiday after I’ve had it done and don’t know if I can go swimming etc has anyone had this done and know ? Thankyou
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