New...Fissure 6 weeks in...

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New...Fissure 6 weeks in...

Postby Harper05 » 19 Feb 2015, 08:06

Hi all. A short history. I have a 18 month old.. She he was 7 months I got an abscess.. Then a fistula.. I had surgery on both. 4 months post fistula surgery I hVe a fissure. I have had it 6 weeks now, can a girl catch a break? I went to the surgeon and he gave me ointment which helps but it still hurts with BM and then throbs afterward.
I have been taking stool softness, drink tons of wAter, take sitz baths. At this point I feel like it's going to last forever.
Any suggestions?
I would like to get pregnant again soon...but worried with all these bum issues!
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Re: New...Fissure 6 weeks in...

Postby LJP6 » 01 Mar 2015, 23:34

I had the botox injection and it worked for a time. It is a day case op under anaesthetic but i found i recovered after 2days mostly once the anaesthetic wore off and the pain dissappears quite quickly. The botox is a toxin used to paralyse the sphincter for approx 3months giving the fissure time to heal.

I have had the botox injection twice and both times the fissure healed for 3months or so. I was just unlucky to get another one probably due to another problem i have called endometriosis.

I would def recommend the botox injection as the success rate is high.
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