Anal fissure - literally CANNOT poop

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Anal fissure - literally CANNOT poop

Postby NineWhileNine » 24 Mar 2016, 07:42

Hi all... Mid 20s female here.

I am in hell right now. I take Quetiapine for Bipolar Disorder and recently upped my dose. It's left me with severe constipation and I passed a hard stool the other day that was hell in itself.

Problem is, I think it's given me a fissure. I now literally CANNOT go.

I've taken Dulcoease, prune juice and the like to soften things, but even though I can tell it's now softer I still cannot go, as the second it gets to a certain point, it's like there is a razorblade in it, my muscles tense and I just can't face the pain. It also bleeds.

I've waited two days to see if it would heal even just enough for me to go and I can't.

I am on my knees - is there anyone here who has an answer or remedy? At what point does not going get dangerous?

I've read about putting things in the bath with you to aid healing but we literally just got rid of ours in favor of a space saving shower.

Please, somebody help me :cry:
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Re: Anal fissure - literally CANNOT poop

Postby Manitourose » 24 Mar 2016, 14:13

Ouch! My goodness, that's tough!

First, definitely let the doctor who titrated your meds up know what you are experiencing.
Could be temporary adjustment or they may have to bring the meds back down while working on another solution med wise. Often if you have to go up on the medication and this is the result, they can prescribe something to help with your stools until your body adjusts. Also it's 100% important and vital you let your doctor or pharmacist/chemist (sometimes they may be quicker to respond) as they can tell you what additional meds to help with the stools to take that are safe. With anything as you know, you don't want to add any supplements or meds with yours unless you know if they interact.

I am feeling for you!! So frustrating. I can say advice I had heard here before many times when people are in so much pain and spasming, or post surgery, is that they go the bathroom in the tub or sitz bath. It's much easier and less painful. Yes people totally do this and there is a colorectal doctor who suggests it as well when his patients are in pain like this. I'll link the page if I can find it. Crazy as it sounds. :)

I can understand why you don't want to have a BM and while it's not immediately dangerous, not going or holding it in can become more severe if you go too many days. The reason for this is obvious that food which turns into waste needs somewhere to go and waste that is waiting too long to be eliminated often loses the water retention in it or hardens and makes it more difficult to pass.

No matter what, definitely don't change your meds either way without talking to your doctor. Keep doing what you can and take baths to feel better and help the fissure, by all means if you feel the urge to go... Go for it! Hope you are in less pain soon and the adjustment to the new dose happens quickly.
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